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CONFUSED?: “I Belong To Both APC And PDP, Governor Declares”




There was a thick air of confusion in Ebonyi state on Saturday, January 4, when Governor David Umahi declared that he is both a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Umahi, speaking to delegates who came to pay him a visit from Ishielu and Onicha areas of the state, said that he is the only governor in Nigeria who can belong to both major political parties without consequences.

However, the South-East governor advised the visitors to stay away from playing bipartisan politics, urging them to remain firm in their various parties instead of jumping from one place to the other.

Governor Umahi said that he is the only governor in Nigeria who can feature in both parties without consequences.

He said: “Stay in one place. Don’t run from here to there and from there to here. E no make sense. If you say you dey there (APC), know I am already there. If you go to APC, I am an APC member. If you go to PDP, I am there.

“I am the only person that does anti-party and nothing will happen. Any other person that does anti-party is gone. So, I am representing you in APC while you all stay in PDP. If you like, go and write it on social media.”

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