Home Banking GTBANK ATM: 5 Wonders of Banking Transactions

GTBANK ATM: 5 Wonders of Banking Transactions

GTBANK ATM: 5 Wonders of Banking Transactions

GTBank ATM remains one of the best self-service electronic channel banks and ATMs in the whole world with its innovative banking transactions. The GTBank ATM Service allows customers to access account information from ATMs (automated teller machines) and perform basic banking transactions quickly safely, and conveniently without visiting the banking halls.


Here is the list of 5 things you can do at a GTBank ATM


Customer Update

Update the phone number linked to your GTBank account right from our ATM. With this your information is updated instantly


Intra and Inter Bank Funds Transfer

Transfer money to your accounts or others, whether GTBank or other banks


Bills Payment

Pay your Electricity, Toll, Cable TV and others bills via the quickteller options on GTBank ATMS


Cardless Withdrawal (Paycode)

Withdraw cash without your card at any GTBank. Simply dial *737# on your registered line, select cardless withdrawal, and get the transaction code for your withdrawal


Western Union

Receive Western Union Payment directly into your account via GTBank ATMS


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