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Unlike Other Pastors, Prophet Fufeyin Vows To Seek Vengeance For #MohBad’s Untimely Death



Prophet Fufeyin

Unlike Other Pastors, Prophet Fufeyin Vows To Seek Vengeance For #MohBad’s Untimely Death—Billionaire Prophet, Jeremiah Fufeyin, has mourned the tragic death of Singer Promise Oladimeji Aloba, widely known as MohBad, whose sudden demise has caused outrage across the country.

MohBad’s passing last week has sparked widespread anger regarding the circumstances surrounding his death.

In an interview in Warri, Delta State Prophet Fufeyin, the founder of Christ Mercy Land City, expressed profound sorrow and grief while stating that the spirit of MohBad cries out for justice.

Prophet Fufeyin’s words resonated deeply with grieving fans and bereaved family members of Mohbad, all of whom have been fervently seeking justice not only for the singer but also for other victims of violent crimes in Nigeria.

Across various social media platforms, many expressed their gratitude for the spiritual leader’s unwavering determination to secure justice for the 27-year-old musician.

Prophet Fufeyin’s longstanding commitment to righteousness and justice is well-recognized, and numerous Nigerians turn to him for inspiration and guidance during trying times.

His resolute promise to scale Mercy Mountain in pursuit of justice for MohBad is a testament to his unyielding dedication to upholding what is just and moral, even in the face of adversity

As the nation mourns yet another loss of a promising young talent, it is heartening to witness the emergence of voices like Prophet Fufeyin’s, which vehemently denounce senseless violence and advocate for positive change.

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