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BREAKING: Sina Rambo, #TheAdelekeCurse – Kemi Olunloyo



Sina Rambo

BREAKING: Sina Rambo, #TheAdelekeCurseKemi Olunloyo—The United trained International Journalist and Award Winning Clinical Pharmacist, Kemi Olunloyo has just reacted to marriage crash between between singer Davido’s cousin, Adesina Adeleke, popularly known as Sina Rambo, and his wife, Korth over alleged violence.

This is coming after Heidi Adeleke, wife of pop star Davido’s cousin Sina Rambo announced the end of her marriage to the latter.

Heidi made the shocking revelation in a series of post shared on her Instagram account on Monday where she claimed to be the breadwinner while making series of accusations against the Adeleke family.

She wrote: “Every evidence shall be presented. Somebody who I just sent 10k naira. Broke asses. I’m NOT an ass kisser and will NEVER BE lmao. Later they will say Adeleke is my only achievement. My mum and family are tired too. Abusive husband I will post more receipts soon.”

In a video she posted, an angry Heidi also accused Sina’s sister of attacking her.

“His sister had the guts to put her hands on me. His sister, that dirty girl that smells. You’re beautiful but you’re smelling. When I told he that I only have love for her, she did this shit to me,” she said.

In another post she continued: “Lmao!!! Sina pay me My husband money you owe me from America and Nigeria!!! Beg beg. How many people do you have to fight with over bills? Or until then jack you for neck again like it just happened. Damn Omo gov.

“After having a caesarian section and him rushing me out the hospital because he couldn’t get no weed. Me, had covid in labor, after my CS. I left the hospital this nigga ain’t help with no chores! 3days after cesarean you tell me to cook rice for you, can’t even make tea yourself! SMH! During pregnancy I was turned into a nanny! 9 months pregnant bending and cleaning house up and down because he can’t even pickup after himself. But truly, venting this now, I be mumu”.

In another post, the businesswoman said she decided to speak up because the marriage has finally ended.

“For y’all saying keep it private, the marriage is over and that’s why I am finally saying this. No, I will not succumb to abuse. I am not that girl, it’s enough,” she wrote.

Sina Rambo whose real name is Sina Adeleke is the son of Osun State Governor Ademola Adeleke.

Sina had a private court wedding with Heidi on Friday, October 22, 2021, in Lagos State.

Reacting to the viral news, Kemi olunloyo tweeted:

Sina Rambo . . .Korth RUN #TheAdelekeCurse

Recall, in serious of tweets, TikTok DOCUSERIES, Facebook post, Kemi Olunloyo, has alleged that their is a generational curse in Davido’s family.

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