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BREAKING: Ben Murray Bruce And #Segalink Fumes As Rufai Oseni Of Arise TV Threatens To Take Out Reno Omokri



Reno Omokri

BREAKING: Ben Murray Bruce And #Segalink Fumes As Rufai Oseni Of Arise TV Threatens To Take Out Reno Omokri——The duo of founder of Silverbird Group, Senator Ben Murray-Bruce and Human rights activist, Segun Awosanya, popularly known as Segalink have reacted to the disturbing viral audio of Rufai Oseni threatening Reno Omokri.

This in coming after the popular TV presenter was heard in an audio conversation saying he will take out Reno Omokri in less than 3 minutes

In a viral audio,  Rufai Oseni, is mired in another scandal after he was caught instructing someone who is a brother of Reno Omokri, a former Presidential media aide, to “take him (Reno Omokri) out”.

Recall, Rufai and Reno Omokri had a fell out with each other on air while Reno Omokri was speaking as a guest on Arise TV.

The word “take him out” is actually a word used to imply an assassination plot, according to security experts who analyzed the import of the audio.

It remains however unclear in what context it was used and if the voice in the audio is actually Rufai’s.

Reacting to the audio, Ben Murray Bruce tweeted:

Young Rufai Oseni, @ruffydfire , would you be so good as to clarify what you meant in the call in which you threatened to “take out” Reno Omokri? As a media proprietor, I am shocked at such a threat coming from a journalist. That is unacceptable!

Other the other hand, Segalink tweeted:

“It’s rather disturbing to find adults that a lot of young people look up to allow themselves get carried away all in the name of ego driven politics. Distinguished

@ruffydfire , please can you kindly clarify what you meant when you threatened to take Reno Omokri out?
“This is clearly not (about taking him out) on a date from the tone in the conversation under review and I would not want to speculate by exploring other options in that category. This is an extreme and I would strongly suggest you sort this out and clear the air.
“We all may disagree on certain issues but our education & discipline must keep us in check emotionally to understand the extent to which issues are pushed. We all want a better country, why act as though we are more Nigerian than any other? This is the time to show maturity.
“And I am talking across board now. It shouldn’t be heard that someone who presents himself as a professional journalist gracing our screens daily would be found wanting in a loose conversation threatening to be dirty with the consideration of taking another citizen out in 3 days!
“Fix this and do it NOW. Reno may be a handful but he is all fun and mean no harm to any individual. He has never threatened anyone out here despite the barrage of madness rocking his timeline. I don’t want to take this up myself with the leadership of your establishment.

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