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BREAKING: #Putin Deploys 11 Nuclear Bombers Ahead Of Apocalyptic World War III



World War III

BREAKING: #Putin Deploys 11 Nuclear Bombers Ahead Of Apocalyptic World War III—-According to THesunUK, VLADIMIR Putin has deployed eleven bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons just a few miles from the border with Nato.

American satellite operator Planet Labs detected “an increased presence” of Russian TU-160 and TU-95 strategic bombers less than 20 miles from the border with Norway.

A satellite image taken on October 7 shows seven Tu-160 strategic bombers and four Tu-95 aircraft at the Russian airbase Olenya on the Kolskyi Peninsula, reported Faktisk.

And two days later, another image shows one of the Tu-160 bombers ready to take off on the runway.

Tu-160 jets, the largest and heaviest Mach 2 warplanes ever made, are capable of flying 7,500 miles non-stop, without refuelling.

The strategic bombers can carry up to 12 short-range nuclear missiles.

And meanwhile, the Tu-95 strategic bombers – known as Bears – are some of the biggest aircraft in Putin’s air force, capable of hauling cruise missiles and massive nuclear bombs.

It comes as earlier this month Israeli intelligence firm ImageSat International spotted Russian bombers at an airbase near the Finland border.

According to the satellite images obtained by the Jerusalem Post, four TU-160s were seen at the base on August 21 and three TU-95s were seen on September 25.

The Engels airbase houses Russia’s only strategic bombers stationed near Ukraine and is home to the 121st Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment which flies the TU-160s and TU-95s.

It comes amid mounting fears the Russian dictator carries out his threats and unleashes nuclear Armageddon.

Nato held a closed door meeting yesterday as the alliance pressed ahead with plans for a nuclear exercise.

And meanwhile, Russia issued further apocalyptic warnings to both the West and Ukraine.

Vlad is facing military disaster on the ground as his forces are pushed back across the frontline.

But that has stoked fears he could do something stupid – and potentially even make good on his threats go nuclear.

Kyiv is well aware that such a step would mean a guaranteed escalation to a World War 3

Alexander Venediktov

Ukraine has formally applied to join Nato, something which infuriated Russia.

“Kyiv is well aware that such a step would mean a guaranteed escalation to a World War 3,” said Alexander Venediktov, deputy secretary of Russia’s Security Council.

“The suicidal nature of such a step is understood by NATO members themselves.”

Meanwhile, US defence secretary Lloyd Austin said, “We are committed to defending every inch of NATO’s territory – if and when it comes to that.”

Just this week, a bombshell report claimed Putin reportedly warned billionaire Elon Musk he would use nukes if Ukraine tried to retake Crimea.

And earlier this month, Vlad promoted violent warlord Ramzan Kadyrov – who demanded Russia nuke Ukraine – to the position of general.

He has also positioned his ruthless “General Armageddon”, Sergey Surovkin, as head of the armed forces.

Defence sources believe Putin might turn the war nuclear by detonating a bomb on the border in a message to the West.

And an expert has warned an apocalyptic Russian nuclear strike on Ukraine will be the final step on a devastating “ladder of escalation.”

Following the explosion of his prized Crimean bridge, Putin has repeatedly warned he would strike back with more devastating attacks, after branding Kyiv “nuclear terrorists.”

Russian Security Council deputy secretary Alexander Venediktov warned on Thursday that there would be a “guaranteed escalation to World War Three” if Ukraine joined Nato.

Meanwhile, Dr Yuri Felshtinsky has warned that Russia could use Belarus to launch nuclear strikes.

He said that Kyiv would be destroyed in minutes if Belarus followed Mad Vlad’s orders to nuke it with Moscow’s missiles.

Meanwhile, Putin’s crumbling army has been facing a humiliating defeat on the front line.

Yesterday civilians were urged to flee from Kherso as Ukrainian fighters were only 12 miles from reclaiming the occupied city.



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