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“It Is Uncultured To Wish President Buhari Evil” – EX-Presidential Candidate

It Is Uncultured To Wish President Buhari Evil

It Is Uncultured To Wish President Buhari Evil” – EX-Presidential Candidate—Mr Ademola Abidemi, presidential candidate of the Nigeria Community Movement Party at the 2019 general elections says it is uncultured for any Nigerian to wish President Muhammadu Buhari evil on his birthday.

Abidemi stated in Abuja on Monday that it was unfortunate that people wrote negative things against the president in spite of the sacrifices he had been making to make the country a better place for all.

“If President Buhari had died many years ago as a soldier defending his country, those wishing him evil today would have called him a fallen hero.

“It is funny to see write-ups that implied that all the woes that had befallen Nigeria were what they wished him.

“It is unfortunate to note such hatred and wicked mind-set from Nigerians to a fellow Nigerian.

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“It is also very funny that one of the writers of such negative write up against Buhari ended his curses with the name of Christ,’’ he lamented.

It Is Uncultured To Wish President Buhari Evil

He wondered where such was written or taught in the Bible.

According to Abidemi, the idea of making those evil wishes as prayer points is not different from the concept of kidnappers, bandits and Boko Haram terrorists.

He stressed that those wishing Buhari death were not different from enemies of the country.

Abidemi also noted that many of such persons had not laboured or sacrificed half of what Buhari had sacrificed in his lifetime for Nigeria.

He added that attacking the president without justification, could hinder the attackers’ personal prayers for their own well-being.

“Such prayers are not honoured by God because those making same are not left out of the causes of the challenges and problems you are trying to place on the president.

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“If you don’t pay your tax; urinate on the road; throw refuse on the road; take or give bribe; hurt others in your little capacity and influence, you are not qualified to pray evil on the president.

“If you go against traffic rules or disobey the laws of Nigeria in any way, you cannot pray evil for the president.

“God sees through sinners,’’ he stressed.

Abidemi added that trying to condemn the president for his purported errors or mistakes in leadership to the point of raising curses on him in any guise was indirectly cursing Nigeria the more.

He noted that when some individuals took on former President Goodluck Jonathan between 2014 and 2018, rather than fall under their curses, he has been prospering even the more.

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“He is enjoying his life and moving from glory to glory; the problems befalling an average Nigerian does not in any way affect him.

“Even after office, President Buhari can never live like an ordinary Nigerian except he so chooses,’’ Abidemi stated.

He added that when God placed people in position of leadership, their failure could only be adjudged by only Him, especially when it is the very first leader of a sovereign nation.

The former presidential flag bearer congratulated President Buhari on his birthday and wished him long life in prosperity and good health.

Abidemi also wished Buhari more achievements, ability, capacity, wisdom, knowledge and understanding to conquer the challenges befalling his administration and the country and to leave Nigeria better than he met it

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