Hospital Management – The Smart Way

Hospital Management - The Smart Way

Hospital Management – The Smart Way—-JiREH Technologies in conjunction with the JVS group offers customizable, comprehensive and integrated Hospital Management Software. The software is designed to manage all hospital operations. The e-hospital management software is ideal for healthcare facilities, multi-specialty clinics, and medical practioners.

The e-hospital management software is a multiuser application. It features In-patient management, Outpatient management, Billing, Ward management, OT scheduling amongst other features. The e-hospital management software improves risk management, it is ideal for maintaining track records of patients. It saves time in filling, tracking and managing files.

JiREH Technologies foray into the provision of e-hospital management was borne out of a passion to see that the healthcare industry in Nigeria improve Hospital Management System, enhance Productivity and Profitability and ensure accuracy in data management.

Hospital Management - The Smart Way

JVS Group, founded in 1992 in New York, USA has been enabling Physicians around the globe to manage their Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). JVS Group provides advanced suite of intelligent, integrated and intuitive software solution to the physicians assisting them in their primary process of healthcare facilities.

JiREH Technologies provide all year round support with installing, configuring and upgrading the products and resolving any technical issues. Our goal is to help healthcare professionals gain a quick understanding of the software methods and processes to complete their tasks quickly and effectively.

Jireh Technologies Corporate goal is to build a world-class technologically based organization that delivers quality and cost effective Information Communication Technology (ICT) solutions and services to our valued client.

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