BREAKING: Alhaji Ibrahim Abdulkadir, Emir of Gaya Is Dead [PHOTO]

BREAKING: Alhaji Ibrahim Abdulkadir, Emir of Gaya Is Dead [PHOTO]—–The Genius Media Nigeria reports that Emir of Gaya, Alhaji Ibrahim Abdulkadir, has died.

Gaya, which the deceased monarch heads, is a Local Government Area in Kano State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Gaya in the north of the area.

Late Emir Abdulkadir Gaya, believed to be around 90 years, had been on the throne since his appointment in 1990. In May, 2019, he was elevated to the rank of Emir, along with three other traditional rulers. Prior to his enthronement as Sarkin Gaya he Alhaji Ibrahim Gaya was previously the district head of Kunchi and then Minjibir.

According to him, the new emirates will facilitate the active participation of rural dwellers in governance.

The new bill was approved by the state executive council and presented to the lawmakers on Monday, following the nullification of Kano Emirs Appointment and Depositions Amendment Laws 2019 by Justice Usman Na’Allah of the state high court.


Gaya is the oldest and most important site in Kano’s history and precedes the foundation of Kano itself. Gaya is believed to be the origin of Kano’s man, who first settled in the present Kano State searching for ironstone.

The earliest known settlers of Kano were known as “Abagayawa”. Gaya served as an important terminus of a migratory corridor through which there was an influx of immigrating peoples, mainly from Eastern Sudan, the Maghrib

 and the Middle East.

Bagauda and his people were said to have passed through Gaya before making their way to Dala and establishing the Kingdom of Kano in 999 CE. Gaya was soon absorbed into the newly founded Kingdom by its adventurous new rulers and would become one of the most influential provinces in the State.

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