SHAME!!! Nedu Of WazobiaFm Exposes Estranged wife’s Bigamy With A DNA Report [PHOTOS]

SHAME!!! Nedu Of WazobiaFm Exposes Estranged wife's Bigamy With A DNA Report [PHOTOS]

SHAME!!! Nedu Of WazobiaFm Exposes Estranged wife’s Bigamy With A DNA Report [PHOTOS]—-The Genius Media Nigeria reports that Nigerian comedian and On-Air Personality, Ani Chinedu Emmanuel, professionally known as Nedu Wazobia has reacted to the domestic violence accusations against him by his estranged wife, ‘Uzoamaka Ohiri’

This was made known Following the recent call out by his estranged wife, the OAP on Saturday took to his official Instagram page @nedu_wazobiafm to narrate his side of the story.

It could be recalled that his estranged wife, via her Instagram story, on Friday night accused him of domestic violence and not being able to cater for his kids.

Reacting to the accusations leveled against him, Nedu stated that he does not encourage or support any form of domestic violence.

SHAME!!! Nedu Of WazobiaFm Exposes Wife's Bigamy With A DNA Report [PHOTOS]

He, however, disclosed that his wife’s infidelity led him to carry out a paternity test which revealed that his first son is not his biological child.

According to him, “My attention has been drawn to stories making the rounds on social media by my ex-wife (Uzoamaka Ohiri).

“While I am not one to trade issues on social media, it has become pertinent that I clear the air once and for all.

“First of all I would like to state clearly that I do not support or encourage any form of domestic violence whether targeted at a woman or man. I have also never been one to physically violate any body including my ex wife.

“Our marriage was one plaqued with a lot of issues. One of which was continuous infidelity from her side that led to me conducting a paternity test on our kids which led to the revelation that our first son is not my biological son even though he was born within the period during which we were married.”

He went on to say, “On the allegation of domestic violence, we have had this matter investigated twice, one the police station in Ajah and another by a competent court of law during the dissolution of our marriage.

“Both times I was cleared of all allegations and I have the necessary proof to back up my claim. If any one should be laying claims to domestic violence it should be me.

“It is heartbreaking that I even have to issue this statement under this circumstances as I have put the unfortunate incidents surrounding my ex-wife and I and the final collapse of our union behind me.

“I am appealing to my ex wife to remember our kids and to not continue on this path she has chosen as the internet never forgets and they will one day grow up to deal with this mess she is hell bent on creating.

“I have no issues wit her and would like to continue to mind the business that pays me. If she has any issues to join me with me, she is free to file her complaints and approach any court of competent jurisdiction to pursue justice.”

But responding to Nedu’s claims, Ohiri who admitted that the paternity of their son is no secret said, “Please where are the divorce papers? We both are in accordance with being divorced. I need to sign too. Even when you committed Bigamy, I was not moved. Try not to open Ajiwe police station issue again, as you know you faulted.

“As regards the scar on your hand; that was the day I was with our infant daughter, other @wazobiafmlagos staff witnessed
the drama unfold. Nedu we fought and I finally won one battle. Deal with it!

“As regards my son, you have already spread that certificate to the whole world. It is no longer, and has never been a secret. It’s okay to say you do not have a problem with me. But why are your kids suffering? Now that I have gotten your attention, all I have been
demanding, is for you to man up to some responsibilities over our lovely kids and their welfare.

“For four years I have been paying for the house rent and a lot of bills. You might not understand as you have never spent more than 12 hours with them. We can also share the rent bills on a 50-50 ratio.I have been the only one paying for about four years,and trust me it has not been easy on me.

“I have called, texted and tried to reach out to you via other direct and indirect methods, but to no avail. Please honour this request. Thank you Sir.”

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