BREAKING: Instagram Goes Down Worldwide As Users Panic

BREAKING: Instagram Goes Down Worldwide As Users Panic

BREAKING: Instagram Goes Down Worldwide As Users Panic—-The Genius Media Nigeria reports that the world’s most popular photo and video sharing platform, Instagram, went down earlier in the day.

According to DownDetector, more than 4,000 Instagram users have reported problems with the app as of midday on Thursday.

MailOnline has contacted Facebook, which owns the photo-sharing app, for comment.

Instagram users flocked to Twitter to share their frustration – and to check if other users were experiencing the same problems.

Instagram’s outage was widespread and affected several services on the platform. According to a few Instagram users, who took to Twitter and Downdetector’s forum to report problems, the feed was not getting refreshed, the DMs were not working, and profiles were making an error when someone was trying to access them. Initially, people thought there was some issue with their internet connection, but people began to report issues in no time. Some even tried deleting and reinstalling the Instagram app but nothing worked because the problem was probably server-side.

BREAKING: Instagram Goes Down Worldwide As Users Panic

We were able to independently verify that Instagram was not responding. Not only the DMs and photo feed, but the Reels were also not working and giving an error that the feed could not be refreshed. However, at around 2.10 pm, Instagram resumed services on both Android and iOS platforms, allowing users to access the photo feed and send DMs. Instagram Live and Instagram Reels were also back up and running fine.

Internet outages like this have become quite common now because of some glitches in how these services are made available to users. Although companies such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter try their best to bring services back up, sometimes the amount of time taken for the restoration of services is more than expected. For instance, the infamous outage that Google experienced last year, leaving all its services kaput for several hours. Then, earlier this year, the failure of two different content delivery networks (CDNs) broke more than half the Internet.

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