BREAKING: #Taliban Forms New Government, Kabul Governor, Others [SEE PROFILE]

BREAKING: #Taliban Forms New Government, Kabul Governor, Others [SEE PROFILE]

BREAKING: #Taliban Forms New Government, Kabul Governor, Others [SEE PROFILE]—-The Genius Media Nigeria reports that the Taliban have appointed a new finance minister, an intelligence chief, and an acting interior minister in Afghanistan, the Pajhwok news agency reported on Tuesday.

TGM gathered that Gul Agha would be the finance minister and Sadr Ibrahim would be the acting interior minister.

Najibullah would be intelligence chief, while Mullah Shirin would be Kabul governor and Hamdullah Nomani the mayor of the capital.

Meet the profile of the newly appointed public officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.


Gul Agha Ishakzai was listed on UN Security Council sanction list on 20 July 2010 pursuant to paragraph 2 of resolution 1904 (2009) as being associated with Al-Qaida, Usama bin Laden or the Taliban for “participating in the financing, planning, facilitating, preparing, or perpetrating of acts or activities by, in conjunction with, under the name of, on behalf of, or in support of”, “recruiting for” or “otherwise supporting acts or activities of” the Taliban.

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Gul Agha Ishakzai is the head of the Taliban’s financial commission and is part of a recently created Taliban council that coordinates the collection of zakat (Islamic tax) from Baluchistan Province, Pakistan. He has also collected money for suicide attacks in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and has been involved in the disbursement of funds to Taliban fighters and their families.

BREAKING: #Taliban Forms New Government, Kabul Governor, Others [SEE PROFILE]

A childhood friend of Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar (TAi.004), Gul Agha Ishakzai has served as Omar’s principal finance officer and one of his closest advisors. At one time, no one was allowed to meet Mullah Omar unless approved by him. He lived in the presidential palace with Omar during the Taliban regime.

In December 2005, Gul Agha Ishakzai facilitated the movement of people and goods to Taliban training camps; in late 2006 he traveled abroad to obtain weapon parts.



Among a slew of active field commanders, Ibrahim Sadr earned a reputation as a long-serving Taliban military commander before handing over the reins to Mullah Omar’s son. Sadr is a battle-hardened Pashtun commander from the Alokozay tribe.

Sadr Ibrahim was designated for acting for or on behalf of the Taliban.

For the past four years, Ibrahim served as the leader of the Taliban’s Military Commission.  He previously served on the Taliban’s Peshawar Military Commission and as a Defense Ministry official during the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan.

In 2018, Iranian officials agreed to provide Ibrahim with monetary support and individualized training in order to prevent a possible tracing back to Iran.  Iranian trainers would help build Taliban tactical and combat capabilities.


Hamdullah Nomani was listed on 23 February 2001 as a high ranking official in the Ministry of Higher Education of the Taliban regime so falling within the provisions of resolutions 1267 (1999) and 1333 (2000) of the United Nations Security Council regarding acts and activities of the Taliban authorities.
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Hamdullah Nomani was also Mayor of Kabul City for the Taliban regime. He’s a member of the Taliban Supreme Council.

Mullah Mohammad Shirin Akhund

Mullah Shirin Akhund, who is from Kandahar province, and remained close to Taliban supreme leader Mullah Omar, was in charge of his security during the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan. He was also the commander of military intelligence and the governor of Kandahar province.

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