BREAKING: AGF Malami Violates #TwitterBan?, Nigerian Reacts

BREAKING: AGF Malami Violates #TwitterBan?, Nigerian Reacts

BREAKING: AGF Malami Violates #TwitterBan?, Nigerian Reacts—-The Genius Media Nigeria reports that Following the Twitter Ban, AGF, Malami, Violates the ban laid on the micro-blogging site by Nigerian government by downloading Virtual Private Network to access his Twitter account and deactivate it

According to Punch, the minister followed that path despite threats issued to Nigerians that using Twitter.

TGM had earlier reported that Malami posted a screenshot of his deactivated Twitter account on Facebook.

However, the screenshot that was shared by the minister showed that Malami had accessed his Twitter account with the aid of a VPN.

Human rights lawyer, Inibehe Effiong in an interview with Punch had described the AGF as a hypocrite.

Effiong said the minister of justice, had done nothing but undermine the constitution he ought to protect.

He added, “What Malami has done is not illegal because there is no law that makes it an offence to use Twitter but it only shows the character flaw of Malami. If he is threatening Nigerians, he should have led by example. One would have expected him to be honest. It shows the hypocrisy and how unserious the AGF is.

BREAKING: AGF Malami Violates #TwitterBan?, Nigerian Reacts

He is supposed to be the chief law officer. He is not the AGF of the executive but the federation and so his position on things should be devoid of partisanship or primordial sentiments. He has done nothing but bastardises the rule of law. He is a senior advocate but what sort of example is he setting for others?”

However, Malami’s post received over 1,100 comments about 40 minutes later with many of his Facebook followers asking him how he accessed Twitter without using VPN.

Akintunde Babatunde wrote, “How were you able to deactivate Twitter without VPN? You should be arrested.”

Shoyombo Adebisi KingDavid wrote, “Can you explain how you did that without first logging in?”

“This is evidence that you logged into Twitter today via VPN to deactivate your account which is punishable under your unlawful law. Let us see how you will prosecute others without throwing yourself in jail,” Roy Ekwueme wrote.

Another Facebook user, Kazeem Badaru, asked the AGF if Nigerians should throw a party because he had deactivated his Twitter account.

The National Broadcasting Commission had on Monday ordered all television and radio stations to deactivate their Twitter accounts.

The President’s wife, Aisha Buhari, had similarly deactivated her Twitter account.

The Federal Government had last week suspended Twitter barely two days after the social media platform deleted a Tweet by the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), on the Biafran war which many found repugnant.

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