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Tijjani Borodo Shares His Career Experience, Publishes Book, A Journey In Leadership




Tijjani Borodo Shares His Career Experience, Publishes Book, A Journey In Leadership

Tijjani Borodo Shares His Career Experience, Publishes Book, A Journey In Leadership—Alhaji Tijjani M. Borodo, Principal Partner, Tijjani M. Borodo & Associates Legal Practioners and the immediate past Company Secretary of FBN Holdings Plc, Nigeria’s leading financial services group, is set to launch a seminal autobiography, A Journey in Leadership, by 11am on Wednesday, 31 March 2021. The book public presentation will hold at The George Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria and will be witnessed by leading professionals in the public and private sectors across the globe.


Dr. Oba Otudeko, CFR, Chairman FBNHoldings is billed to be the Chairman of the occasion. Alhaji Abdul Samad Rabiu, CON, Founder and Chairman, BUA Group, will be the book launcher, while His Excellency, Alhaji Ahmadu Adamu Mu’azu, former Governor of Bauchi State, will be the book presenter. Professor Fabian Ajogwu (SAN), Founding Partner, Kenna Partners, will be the book reviewer.


In line with the COVID-19 protocols and the need to ensure there are no restrictions on participation, the event will also be streamed virtually. To participate remotely, register via the link


The 180-page book is written to showcase the life and times of Tijjani Borodo as he grew through the ranks in his eventful and celebratory career in the public and private sectors respectively.


Borodo takes readers through his stints with the public sector, the challenges he had and notable impacts which were instrumental to him becoming the Director of Public Prosecutions, Ministry of Justice, old Kano State (now comprising Jigawa and Kano States) at a very young age. Copies of the book can be purchased via the link


His experience in the public sector is one he reflects on with great pride as it was instrumental to his preparedness in advancing his career as he switched to the private sector, precisely the banking industry, which is unarguably one of the most regulated sectors in not just Nigeria but leading economies of the world. Borodo had 29 years’ experience with FirstBank and FBNHoldings group, retiring as Company Secretary in 2017.


In the foreword by Dr. Omar Ibrahim, Nigeria’s Governor, The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Vienna, Austria, he said: “A Journey in Leadership explores the author’s life through the prism of leadership in five distinct areas of endeavour – public legal practice, banking, corporate governance, social responsibility and Islamic Education. The book mirrors the life of a man with strong leadership character and positive values in his various endeavours. Much as the work is about the life that the author led, it is also much about the leadership and public service as it is about the history of leading financial institution, the FirstBank Group.”

Tijjani Borodo Shares His Career Experience, Publishes Book, A Journey In Leadership

Expressing his gratitude for a fulfilled career, Tijjani Borodo said: “I remain grateful for my eventful career as I have been able to transcend across various spheres of practices, comprising the public and private (banking) sectors of the economy as these have been instrumental to my growth and preparedness to delve into private practice in a career path I have always loved, the Legal profession.


My achievements have been made possible by my family, colleagues and associates across multiple industries in the world which I remain ever grateful to God for as all these have been made fruitful by His grace.


I enjoin everyone to not just get the book but read it and importantly take to its learnings as it will be instrumental to shaping the readers to identifying opportunities, embracing these opportunities and utilizing it at an optimal level whilst being at their best in having a fulfilling and fruitful career.


A Journey in Leadership is a tip of the iceberg, and indeed amongst my many contributions to societal development.”, he concluded.


About the Author


Tijjani M. Borodo, LLM, FIoD

Alhaji Tijjani Borodo was the pioneer Company Secretary of FBN Holdings Plc (FBNHoldings) who oversaw the process admitting FBNHoldings to the Premium Board of The Nigerian Stock Exchange. He retired from FBNHoldings in October 2017 after a successful career spanning over 29 years with the group.


Alhaji Borodo held Directorship positions spanning over two decades on the Boards of First Dependants Nigeria Limited, First Nominees Nigeria Limited and First Registrars Nigeria Limited, In-sourcing Nigeria Limited, as well as Director and Chairman of FBNQuest Trustees. He is Director, Society for Corporate Governance Nigeria (SCGN); Second Vice President of Institute of Directors; Director of CIBN Centre for Financial Studies; Member, Board of Directors, Association of Banks Legal Advisers and Company Secretaries.


He holds a law degree from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria and a Masters in Law degree from the University of Essex, United Kingdom. He holds a B.L (Barrister at Law) from the Nigerian Law School and was called to Bar in 1980. He started his career as a Pupil State Counsel at the Ministry of Justice, Kano State from 1979 and rose to the rank of Director of Public Prosecutions in 1986 before joining FirstBank of Nigeria Limited in 1988.


He occupied various managerial positions within the Bank before being appointed as the Company Secretary in June 1999. He oversaw the Bank’s Secretariat and was the Secretary to the Board of Directors and Annual General meeting for 14 years. Thereafter, he was appointed Company Secretary, FBNHoldings in September 2012. He is a Fellow, Institute of Directors, Nigeria and the Society for Corporate Governance Nigeria; Member, International Bar Association, Nigerian Bar Association, and an Honorary Senior Member, Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria. He has attended courses and programmes in various first-rate business and management schools, including Harvard Business School, the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Kellogg School of Management, Illinois and the London College of Management Studies. Alhaji Borodo is happily married with four children and loves swimming, listening to music and travelling.

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Imade Receives Surprise Dior Saddle N1500000 Bag From Davido [VIDEO]




Imade Receives Surprise Dior Saddle N1500000 Bag From Davido [VIDEO]

Imade Receives Surprise Dior Saddle N1500000 Bag From Davido [VIDEO]—-The OBO Crooner, and the founder of 30BG David Adeleke, popular known as Davido continues to prove the kind of loving father he is with a N1,500,000 worth of Dior Saddle bag surprise to his daughter.

The Genius Media Nigeria reports that having a rich and support live father is surely going to make you have enjoy some expensive gifts and that’s exactly what Imade is benefiting now at a very tender age.

Just days ago, The Evans company Limited has announced the capturing 6 years old as the Bramd ambassador of their soap brand Eva Baby soap and you already know that may never have happened if not for his fathers influence.

Even before her ambassadorial deal, Davido reportedly gift his daughter a brand new Range Rover to celebrate her 6th birthday.

A video made available by Nigerian blog ‘Instablog9ja has Imade trying to to get her new gift unpackaged with while jamming to Teni’s For You song featuring her Dad.

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Trouble With Nigeria; Insecurity And The Crisis Of Leadership




Trouble With Nigeria; Insecurity And The Crisis Of Leadership

Trouble With Nigeria; Insecurity And The Crisis Of LeadershipSimilar to Chinua Achebe who in his booklet entitled; the Trouble With Nigeria, noted that the trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership, Raymond Anoliefo, Priest and Director, Justice Development and Peace Commission,(JDPC), Lagos, a social justice arm of  the Catholic church that monitors social, economic, political and public leadership-related  activities in the country, seemed to have made a comparable but prophetic statement on Saturday  October  22, 2018, in Maryland, Lagos, during the celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace, when he remarked that the greatest tragedy of our time without a shadow of the doubt is the fact that ours is a nation which is  regrettably laden by poor leadership.

He also stated that our country Nigeria is a awash with captivating development visions, policies and plans, but impoverished leadership and corruption-induced failure of implementation of development projects on the part of the political leaders is responsible for the under-development in the country; noting that no nation best typifies a country in dire need of peace and social cohesion among her various sociopolitical groups than Nigeria as myriads of sociopolitical contradictions have conspired directly and indirectly to give the unenviable tag of a country in constant search of social harmony, justice, equity, equality, and peace.

Nigeria; Insecurity and The Crisis Of Leadership

looking at the happenings/occurrences in the country at the very moment orchestrated by leadership challenge he complained about four years ago, coupled with elite failure to speak up the truth and tell the truth to their communities, Anoliefo worries have become not just a word made flesh but a prophesy of foreknowledge and of denunciation. As we know, while  prophecy of foreknowledge foretells  what is certain to come, that of denunciation  tells what is to come if the present situation is not changed; both acting as information and warning respectively.

Aside from the fact that his warnings was supported with mountains of evidence about how seriously off track the present administration in the country was taking the nation with their deformed policies, ill-conceived reforms and strategies, this piece believes that for reason, there is urgent need to further subject such thought  shared by the cleric on that day, at that time and in that place, to a holistic analysis as it is laced with valid solutions that if implemented, holds the keys to re-engineering sustainable peace and development in the country.

Let’s begin with concern on insecurity in the country.

He captured it this way; The greatest and immediate danger to the survival of the Nigerian state today is the unwarranted, senseless, premeditate, well organized and orchestrated killings across the country-from Benue to the Plateau, Taraba to Zamfara, Enugu to Ebonyi, Kogi to Edo, Ekiti to Ondo, where Nigerians are cut down at will, babies ripped from their mothers’ wombs, houses destroyed and burnt down, particularly when all the time the killers are never apprehended, even when they make self implicating statements about such killings.

The country’s economy he added has shown its inability to sustain any kind of meaningful growth that promotes the social welfare of the people. The result can be seen in the grinding poverty in the land (eighty percent of Nigerians are living on less than two dollars per day – according) to the African Development Bank (AFDB) 2018 Nigeria Economic Outlook. Nigeria is ranked among the poorest countries in the world. Sadly, according to a report from Brookings Institute, Nigeria has already overtaken India as the country with the largest number of extremely poor in early 2018 in the world. At the end of May 2018, Brookings institute’s trajectories suggest that Nigeria had about 87 million people in extreme poverty, compared with India’s 73 million. What is more, extreme poverty in Nigeria is growing by six people every minute.

In Education, 10.5 million children are out of school in Nigeria, the highest in the world. Our industries continue to bear the brunt of a negative economic environment. As a result, job losses and unemployment continue to skyrocket, creating a serious case of social dislocation for the vast majority of our people.

The running of our country’s economy continues to go against the provisions of our constitution which stipulates forcefully that the commanding heights of the economy must not be concentrated in the hands of few people. The continous takeover of national assets through dubious (privatization) programs by politicians and their collaborators is deplorable and clearly against the people of Nigeria. The attempt to disengage governance from public sector control of the economy has only played into the hands of private profiteers of goods and services to the detriment of the Nigerian people.

On social issues, lets listen to him; Life in Nigeria, quoting Thomas hobbs, has become nasty, brutish, and short. Nigerians have never had it so bad. Indeed, while Nigerians diminish socially and economically, the privileged political class continues to flourish in obscene splendor as they pillage and ravage the resources of our country at will. This malfeasance at all levels of governance has led to the destruction of social infrastructure relevant to a meaningful and acceptable level of social existence for our people. Adequate investment in this area, it has been shown, is clearly not the priority of those in power.

As a result, our hospitals whether state owned or federal owned have become veritable death centers where people go to die rather than to be healed. The absence of basic items such as hand gloves and masks are indicative of the level of decadence and rot in the country’s health National Budget recommended by the United Nations.

With regards to the criminal justice system, our people, especially the poor and vulnerable continue to suffer unprecedented acts of intimidation and violation of rights at the hands of security agencies across the country. Extra judicial killings, lack of scientific based investigation of crimes and corruption in the judiciary contribute to acts of injustice against the innocent. Our prisons have become places where prisoners are hardened rather than places of reformation of prisoners for reintegration back into the society

Also, Nigerian workers have faced unprecedented hardship over the years as governments across the nation continue to deprive them of legitimately earned salaries and pensions. It is quite unfortunate that as a Nation we are still debating minimum wage, and not even living wage, especially in a country where every commodity has skyrocketed save the monthly take home of workers. And we supposedly have “leaders” who claim to have the interest of the masses at heart. Tell me another lie!!!

As to solution to these challenges, the cleric succulently puts it this way; surely, leadership holds the key to unlocking the transformation question in Nigeria, but to sustain these drive leaders must carry certain genes and attributes that are representative of this order. The JDPC therefore believes that only a sincere and selfless leader and a politically and economically restructured polity brought about by national consensus can unleash the social and economic forces that can ensure the total transformation of the country and propel her to true greatness. This will help to ensure that there is provision of adequate social infrastructure such as genuine poverty alleviation programmes and policies, healthcare, education, job provision, massive industrialization, electricity provision to mention a few. It is critical to jettison this present socio-economic system that has bred corruption, inefficiency, primitive capital accumulation and socially excluded the vast majority of our people. The only way this can be done is to work to build a new social and political order that can mobilize the people around common interests, with visionary leadership to drive this venture. Only then can we truly begin to resolve some of the socio-economic contradictions afflicting the nation. This is the pathway to true, genuine and lasting peace.

For me as the author of this piece, I have nothing new to add as the man of God has said it all!!!

Utomi Jerome-Mario is the Programme Coordinator (Media and Policy), Social and Economic Justice Advocacy (SEJA), Lagos. He could be reached via;j[email protected]/08032725374.


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Shina Peller At 45, The Best Is Yet To Come For The Youths In Nigerian Politics – Governor Fayemi




The governor of ekiti state who also is the chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum, Dr Kayode Fayemi has given a brighter hope to the political career of youths in the country.

Governor Fayemi who spoke as the chairman of the National Security Symposium organized by Lead Generation Initiative (LGI) in honor of Honorable Shina Peller, lawmaker representing iseyin, Iwajowa, kajola and itesiwaju federal constituency to commemorate his 45th birthday in Ibadan his home state, said the best is yet to come for Nigerian youths while encouraged them to be less of social media warriors and take active participation in politics as the future of the country’s fortune belongs to them.

The governor while using the celebrant honorable Shina Peller as worthy example of youths in politics, eulogized the great feats of the lawmaker as a first term legislator and among the youngest and newest politicians in the country. It would be recall that in the build up to the Nation Security symposium, the lawmaker had a busy week of constituency activities which include: donation of medical equipments and ambulances to healthcare centers in his constituent, conducting free eye tests for the elderly and youths while gave them free eye glasses.

The lawmaker also had a special day to share valuables and dine with students of Iseyin School for The Handicaps iseyin Oyo State, an activity which has become traditional with his birthday celebrations in years past.

Speaking further at the symposium entitled “National Security and Peace: Role of Government, Citizens and Institutions, Governor Fayemi louded the lawmaker for making the worsening security situation in the country his topmost priority and a matter of urgent concern in his heart.

The Governor said “We are all here because we believe in a cause we need to commit ourselves.

At the moment, we know our country is going through a lot of challenges. But these challenges are not insurmountable. These are challenges we can overcome”. He said further ” when you see what my brother Shina Peller has done today by bringing us together to talk about the security challenges the country is passing through, you will see that he has done well.

Shina particularly has done well in iseyin and other constituents he represents in terms of poverty eradication, in area of community development, in terms of bridging the gap between the privileged and non privileged in his community”.

It would also be recalled that the National security symposium was planned to be the biggest security and peace meeting and it brought together Governors of different States of the federation, security professionals, traditional rulers, professors, citizens and concerned stakeholders.

Speaking further about the opportunity the youths have to brighten the fortune of the country by participating in politics, governor Fayemi said further about the youthful Honorable Shina Peller that “you know politicians bring people together like this, Shina has not told me what steps he wants to take next, but i can assure you that he doesn’t just want to stay in the House of Representatives, am sure he has idea of effecting the lives of people much more than he has done currently.

Whatever it is that he chooses to do after haven delivered proudly and competently in the current position that he holds, i have no doubt that many of our leaders will support him as long as he remains stable minded about making a deferent in the lives of our people whenever he finds himself. Fayemi concluded that the lawmaker is a source of pride for all youths and elderly alike.

He said ” for as long as he continues to dedicate his political life to the larger usefulness of the people, particularly the people he represents and the good people of Oyo state and Nigeria, i want to let him know that the sky is not even the limit, he would go far and beyond his own expectations as he could be a source of pride for all of us”.

Some of the stakeholders that participated in the security symposium are guest speaker and immediate past speaker, House of Representatives, Rt Hon Yakubu Dogora, Professor Isaac Olawale Albert, Keynote Speaker, Dr Nathaniel Danjibo, President Society for Peace Studies and Practice, Chief Tunji Alapini, Retired Assistant Inspector General of Police, Prof Temisaren Ebijuwa, General Studies Department, LAUTECH Ogbomoso among others.

The Symposium which had Ambassador Ibrahim Agboola Gambari, Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari as a special guest participant, also had Alaafin of Oyo His Imperial Majesty, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi iii and His Imperial Majesty Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi as Royal Fathers of the day.

State governors that participated in the Symposium include Governor Olusola Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State, Governor Abubakar Sank Bello of Niger State, Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State, Governor Gboyega Oyetola of Osun State, Governor Mai Mala Buni of Yobe State, while the chief host was Engineer Seyi Makinde, Executive Governor of Oyo State.

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