#LAYCONtent: How Twitter Reacts As #BBNaija Laycon Suffers Heartbreak [VIDEO]

#BBNaija Laycon——-BBNaija housemate Laycon is nursing a heartbreak after he was once again rejected by his love interest in the house Erica.

The past few days has seen repeatedly pour his heart out to Erica who admitted to him that she was only mentally attracted to him. Erica’s most recent lips locking session, however, set him on the edge. The once bubbly housemate has taken to long naps.

#LAYCONtent: How Twitter Reacts As #BBNaija Laycon Suffers Heartbreak [VIDEO]

During a late night conversation with BrightO on Thursday night, he admitted he relies on his afternoon naps to help ease the pain of Erica’s rejection.

Fans of the singer have however taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on #BBNaija Laycon emotional moment.

*** Me walking away is me walking away. It doesn’t have anything to do with you. Even if it does… Since you’re happy, I’m happy. We’re cool- Laycon to Erica

*** I am laughing cos I made this tweet, I can relate to everything Laycon is feeling emotional rn. I know I am also not the only one,neither is he. You’ve once felt it. You’ve once loved someone who you didn’t intend falling for.

***Next eviction night*

Biggie; “Laycon, you’ve been given the privilege of nominating two housemates for eviction”

Laycon: “Kidd and waya”

*** I clearly understand how laycon is feeling. Rejection is a hard pill to swallow. I have been there. I hope he gathers himself and focus on his game. Still stanning you till you bring the money home #LayconIsMe


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