American Star, Singer Kelis Is Pregnant With 3rd Child

American star, Singer Kelis has announced she is pregnant with her third child, as the soon to be mother of three posted a picture of her positive pregnancy test on Instagram.

The 40-year-old is expecting the child with her husband, Mike Mora, who is also the father of her second child, Sheperd Mora.

American Star, Singer Kelis Is Pregnant With 3rd Child

Kelis who had her first child, Knight, 11, with ex-husband, Nas revealed the happy news via her Instagram page.

Showing off her pregnancy test result, the singer wrote:

‘Chef Kelis – table for 5 please. We’re adding one more! Happy to announce that I’m expecting.’

In a message to fellow black mothers the singer wrote;

“There are so many things to consider during this time in your life, especially during the crazy times that we live in — from what we eat, to how we live and love. This is the time we must take for ourselves without apologies, especially when we still live in a country where Black women historically have had the highest maternal mortality rates.”

She added, “Black mamas have the rights, respect, resources to thrive before, during, and after pregnancy. Together we can change these statistics, one woman at a time.”

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