FLORENCE ABIOLA: ” My Husband Is In Heaven “

Abiola Ajimobi‘s wife and former Oyo State first lady Florence Ajimobi sayingMy Husband Is In Heaven

The former First Lady said anyone holding a grudge against her late husband would be nursing a feeling of guilt as he is no more to make peace with such person.

Mrs Ajimobi spoke on Saturday when she hosted a delegation of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) at her Oluyole residence in Ibadan.

The former first lady urged Nigerians to use the opportunity of Sallah to forgive one another and review their lives.

Her words: “Let’s show love to those we know and love. It is not enough to love them in our heart. Let’s us learn to forgive each other,” she said.

“The greatest gift anybody could give himself is to make eternity. What are you going to do after 70 years on earth? Eternity is forever. There is no end to it.

“My husband lived 70 years. 70 years of fulfilment, achievements and impact on many lives. Forever, I will be proud of him. I called him my hero. He is my hero and will forever be my hero.

“For me, he is never late and we shall live forever. He is a man I love, cherish and will forever be in my heart.”

The former first lady said she believed in destiny and that her “husband’s time was up” having “lived a fulfilled life”.

FLORENCE ABIOLA : "My Husband Is In Heaven"

“What does it profit a man even if he lived up to 90 years and he can’t make heaven? Abiola Ajimobi made heaven and he is at peace with God. That is my greatest consolation,” she added.

“Whoever is begrudging Abiola Ajimobi, who else do you want to begrudge now? The man is dead. That peace you cannot make again. You cannot rectify it.

“I know whoever is not happy with him will feel that guilt forever because the opportunity to make up with him is gone.

“Life is short. Abiola Ajimobi has gone today, who is next? Nobody knows. It could be anybody.”

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