Engagement Ring

What is An Engagement Ring


An engagement ring is one of the most important characters of a marriage betrothal. It is traditionally a stunning gemstone placed on a circle that has come to be known as a representative of wedding culture. People falsely attribute an engagement ring to be a wedding ring not apprehending that there is a big difference between them. An engagement ring is a ring given to someone as a symbol of the marriage proposal. It is given by men to women and they are expected to wear the ring starting from the period of the proposal. When a woman has a ring on her finger, it will serve as a symbol to the world that she is already taken and committed to a serious relationship.


Engagement RingAn engagement ring varies in price and also in terms of extravagance, but mist engagement rings have a diamond or another set of gemstones placed on top of the ring. It is worn on the third finger of the left hand. The engagement ring is more extravagant and flashier, many women like to wear their wedding ring underneath the engagement ring while some only choose to wear the wedding ring alone after the marriage because both rings actually represent love and bond between men and women.


Halo vs No Halo Engagement Ring


The halo engagement ring is an engagement ring that has been in existence for over 100 decades in the bridal world. Halo engagement rings are original wedding rings that are loved by all jewelry lovers and brides to symbolize love or romance. Virtually everybody recognizes the engagement ring as a symbol of love in the western world today, many people cherish it more than their wedding ring if we may say.

A halo diamond ring is a set of diamonds that has a center stone surrounded by many gemstones. The setting can be a single setting or a double halo setting. You can give all types of diamond shapes a halo setting. Here is the list of most common halo engagement ring shapes;

  • Round brilliant diamond halo rings.
  • Oval diamond halo rings.
  • Princess cut diamond halo rings.
  • Cushion cut diamond halo rings.
  • Radiant cut halo diamond rings.


A halo engagement ring has a diamond encircled around the center stone that is made of small round brilliant diamonds. Halo rings are gorgeous and they also offer the ability to make the center diamond or gem appear larger.


A No Halo engagement ring does not have a halo setting. It is a solitaire setting engagement ring which is a type of prong setting. It is classic and it will never lose its beauty, value and a No halo engagement ring do not age. The variety of No Halo engagement rings are limitless. They are a unique set of round brilliant diamonds that is rare. They are more expensive compared to a halo engagement ring.

A no halo ring can be said to be a boring ring also. Depending on the recipient though, if the lady tells her boyfriend that she adores a simple ring that you can consider getting a no halo engagement ring. If it is someone that adores a more complex, flashy and fanciful ring, then a No halo engagement ring is not advisable. You must get her the ring of her dream.