What Rivaldo Said On Messi Vs Eric Abidal Clash

Barcelona legend, Rivaldo, has backed captain, Lionel Messi, ahead of Sporting Director, Eric Abidal, following a clash between the duo earlier this week.

Abidal, who played alongside Messi at Camp Nou, had criticised the Barca number 10 and the rest of the club’s players over their work ethics for the La Liga champions.

“Many Barcelona players are not giving their best performances for the club as they are satisfied, and another problem is communication in the dressing room,” Abidal said.

“The players, coaches’ relationship was regularly good, however, as an ex-player of this club, there are issues I can perceive.

“I have had conversations with Barcelona chiefs and what I suggested had to come to past.”

But Messi has already responded to Abidal’s comments, telling the Frenchman to face his work and mention names whenever he talks about Barca players.

“Honestly speaking I hate doing such thing, but I what I know is that everyone in Barca has to be responsible for their duties job and take decision,” Messi posted on Instagram.

“As players we are responsible for what goes on in the field and when things go wrong we are the first to criticised ourselves.

“Those in charge of sporting direction in the club should mind their business and mention names when criticising the squad or else they are damaging the image of everyone and spreading false news.”

Reacting to the development, Rivaldo told Marca: “Honestly, Lionel Messi has all right to be mad with Abidal’s statements.

“Abidal criticised the competence of Barcelona players, without mentioning the name of one player and that provokes the entire team.

“Messi as a captain of Barcelona was only defending the squad and his own status, he did nothing wrong.

“I believe Abidal was naïve about his comments and that have hurt the Barcelona as a club.”


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