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What Nigerians Are Saying “If Burna Boy Wins #Grammy2020”




Rave of the moment, Burna Boy is tipped by many music enthusiasts to win the Grammy, and Nigerian on Twitter have been spilling out their expectations if the singer cops the Award.

This win is not going to be for Burna Boy alone, it is going to be for Nigerians in totality as he would be the 1st Nigerian singer to win the Award.

The Award ceremony holds today and this is what Nigerians are saying on the social media platform:

**** Yal dont make #Grammys2020 not give Burna ds award, tone the noise down, let us win first, Ive studied this grammy thingy, they will lowkey nominate someone for clout then give somefolk you prolly have never heard of their music so please, stop the noise so Burna can win in peace.
*** Burna winning will bring joy to Nigeria even our oga at the top will be happy.
So they won’t even try giving it to someone else. If not we will send all our Boko Haram to dem
*** If Burna Boy wins Grammys tonight, he becomes the undisputed GOAT of AfroPop. Are you with me?
*** Burna Boy has to win this Grammys! I’m very certain his Album is the best on that list. #Grammys2020
*** Grammy or no Grammys, Burna Boy a.k.a the African giant remains my GOAT. I dey fear this people cos no be today.
if #Burna wins the Grammy, I’ll give a total of 100k out. Like, follow and retweet
If Burna Boy wins the Grammy Award. I’m dropping my nudes Live for 5 Minutes…
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