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PHOTOS: Man Reportedly Pregnant After Sleeping With Someone’s Wife




Sleeping with another man’s wife is something society frowns upon but today it has become a norm for most young guys who claim are unemployed. To them, this old women become their employment avenues as they sleep with them.

Because of how famous this promiscuous life have become, some men use black magic on their women , and any man who sleeps with their wives get stuck while the affair is ongoing. This is something to prevent most women from allowing another man from sleeping with them.

A photo of a man with a protruding stomach is fast circulating on social media and some social media folks claim his tummy is protruding because he slept with another man.

Meaning instead of the woman getting pregnant after the affair the man got pregnant instead. But a second look at the man clearly points that the man may be suffering from an ailment and needs medical care.

The background of the photo depicted a village scene and the man might be suffering from this ailment because perhaps money for medical care is difficult for him to come by.

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