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14 Years Old Girl Raped, Guardian Detained

14 Years Old Girl Raped, Guardian Detained

… framed by the police, denied bail by the police and remanded in Prison Custody on trumped charges……..



Wonders shall never end, but not in Nigeria. The world will be shocked and left in awe to learn that pastor FRIDAY ESSIEN UDOR, the general overseer of Armor of God Church,Owutu Edda, Afikpo south L.G.A of Ebonyi State under the pretext of spiritual guidance raped a 14 years old (name withheld) who came to visit him and threatened to harm her if she ever mentioned to anyone. The lid was finally broken when after two months of leaving in fear, shame and indignity, she opened up to her guardians. Upon confrontation, he didn’t deny it. However, he set up the guardians on an allegation of burglary, stealing, assault occasioning harm for confronting him.

The community leader who had demanded to meet with powerful rapist was ignore by this man of devil, only for the police from Afikpo south police division to deny her guardian bail alleging her to be an armed robber because she confronted the pastor on his residence and the misunderstanding degenerated into a little scuffle.

With the connivance of the police, masterminded by the DPO, SP Ndukwe, her guardian, ENYADIYA AMA EMEROLE was arrested in lieu of her. She was refused bail and when a lawyer appeared on her behalf, the police hurriedly framed her up in a non-bailable offence and had her remanded in prison custody. The police maliciously refused to investigate the rape claim. The so-called pastor is working freely, with his members praising God for remanding an innocent woman.

What begs the question is – rape and the offences she has been framed with, which deserves attention. Truth will prevail at the end of the day. Well-meaning Nigerians should intervene to fight this injustice. No one deserves to be raped. There is no limitation to rape. It could be your child tomorrow!! We Hope the relevant authorities would intervene to rescue this little girl from further suffering in the hands of this Evil Pastor and his gang of Police in marauders and church members.

Let’s break the culture of silence and Act now! Tomorrow may be too late.

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