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ITS OFFICIAL!!! Guinness World Records Recognizes Nigerian Dancer Jason Usoro As Longest Dance Marathon Record Holder [PHOTOS]




Nigerian dancer and singer, Jason Usoro has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Record as the record holder for the longest dance marathon, 7 months after attempting to break the record in Lagos, Chukslyonews can exclusively reveal.

The Guinness Book of World Records included his name and his record in their official website and book on Friday night Dec. 27th and sent him a sample copy of his certificate with the original to be sent to him in four weeks time.

Jason tried in 2017 to break the record for longest dance by an individual but failed after developing a health issue during the attempt.

The 27 year old, Usoro, who is a graduate of Covenant University, sought to enter into the Guinness Book of World Records and was set to break the record held by Kalamandalam Hemaleth for longest dance by an individual, but after failing with that record in 2017, he then tried to break another record ‘longest dance marathon‘ in April 2019.

He didn’t just break the record but created a new record for “longest dance marathon‘ as he and his teammates danced for 53 hours, 28 minutes and 47 seconds.

Sometime in 2018, a dancer known as Pinkie Debbie attempted to break the Guinness book of World Records for an individual, that was previously attempted and failed by Jason.

Not known to many Nigerians, she failed a lot of parameters set by the GWR, and is not a record holder …She has no certificate from Guinness Book of Records but crowned herself on her social media page as a world record breaker which isn’t factual.

Only two Nigerians so far have been recognized officially by Guinness Book of World Records in the Dance category, – popular dancer Kaffy, and now Jason Usoro… The record for the longest dance by an individual is currently held by an Indian, Kalamandalam Hemaleth…

The Indian set the record in 2010 record after dancing for 123 hours and 15 minutes in a session tagged ‘Mohiniyattam’. No other person has broken that dance category since then…

Jason speaking to Chukslyonews after the groundbreaking news, said: “I made errors in the first attempt that’s why I stopped and i could have come out to lie to Nigerians that i broke the record and they will believe but men i don’t have the heart to deceive a full nation like that. I’m not slowing down any moment ,i plan to break multiple records in 2020. I’m just so grateful my hardwork and that of my team was not in vain”
“Glory to God”
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