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Here’s How To Book Your Next Cheap Holiday And Survive Black Friday




We understand it’s that time of the year again as the frenzy for Black Friday is upon us. Right now, almost everyone is loosing it on their savings culture as there are drop in prices on every sought after items and valuables.

It is also the time of the year when families and groups of friends plan to travel to overseas destinations within a tight budget for end of year celebration. In view of this, Africa’s leading one-stop online travel agency, Travelstart is planning on different packages and deals that will perfectly match based on what travelers want to see, what they want to do and where they want to go.

The focus of this piece is how to survive the frenzy of Black Friday even after enjoying the best deals, when making preparations, either as couple or group of friends, it is best to set a limit on your debit card so as to comply with set budget and also to ensure enough money is saved for when you get back home after the holiday. With Travelstart Black Friday deals, which will kick off on November 25th and run till December 2nd and accessible to all travellers on its user friendly website at the comfort of your locations.

On how to best enjoy the holiday, it is good if you plan and prioritise where to visit as the benefit of planning cannot be over emphasised when it comes to going on vacation. It is also good to plan way ahead of the frenzy season so as to be able to make picks from what your really want and what you need. Planning ahead will help maintain your savings culture from a lot of impulse purchases.
Things to consider during planning includes flight deals, hotel reservations, shopping list among others. The advantage of this is that you spend less time planning your travels and more time enjoying your holiday while also saving money and time in the process.

As the date for the Black Friday deals draw nearer, it will be in your best interest to be update on happenings by using the social media. Like other businesses, Travelstart also leverages on the use of social media to share information about amazing deals and exclusive offers. Go ahead to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also download their app by searching for “FLAPP” on Android store and Apple Store. 

By now, you should have you calendar ticked, get your bags packed and well equipped with all the things you need to know before the Black Friday deals commence. Items that you must not forget when packing include your camera (that’s a tourist favourite item), shopping list, debit/credit cards, “things to do list”, among others.
To make your next trip a memorable, you must be an early bird and catch up with the deals, make your reservation and be ready to have a stress free holiday.
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