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PLEASE HELP!!! Wrong Davido House Address Goes Viral, Resident Cries Out




A wrong house address of musician Davido was leaked online and now the resident is crying for help.

The resident of a house in Lekki, Lagos whose address was leaked online as that of popular Nigerian singer, Davido has cried out to the singer to help him as he keeps getting mails from artistes hoping to get signed while others just come to his house to sing on a daily.

Recently, he said some people have been stopping by to “greet” the baby. Even though he claims he has shared it everywhere that the address is not that of Davido, he still wakes up to different mail and faces.

The resident, BAKI took to his social media page to share his plight. He wrote;

@iam_Davido I think someone put up my address as yours online.for a while now Been waking up to people randomly singing and rapping in front of my house not even counting the mixtapes they send,and for the past month people randomly come to greet the “baby” amongst other things
lol please I’ve posted it everywhere that it’s a wrong address but they just keep coming ! I just want to sleep well without someone screaming “OBO PLEASE HEP MY LAIVE” At my window sigh

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