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CORRUPTION: Moment Police Officer Was Caught On Camera Taking Bribe And Short Changing His Colleagues [VIDEO]




A Police officer has been caught on camera negotiating bribe with a motorist and planning to short change his colleagues.

The Police officer negotiated N15,000 with the motorist who continued to plead for a reduction, only for him to accept N10,000 on the condition that the driver will tell his colleagues he paid only N5,000.

The Police who was in the car with the driver was unaware he was being filmed by the driver. He initially called his colleagues telling them the man has no money to give, he is insisting he can only pay N5,000. After the conversation, he turned to the man and asked him to pay the N15,000 but he pleaded further saying he doesn’t have it, the car isn’t his and he was in a rush to somewhere.

“Out of the N15,000, if I remove N10,000, how much go come remain? N5,000? No, e no go work?” the man, wearing a police uniform and holding a rifle, is seen in the video arguing with the motorist, using Pidgin English.
“Na wetin wey dey be dat!” the motorist responded, showing no sign he was willing to offer more than N15,000.
The motorist is seen in the video holding out a wad of 1,000 naira notes for the officer who is on the passenger’s seat, besides the driver.
“You know wetin you go do eh?” the officer suddenly asked the man, sounding as if he was concerned and wanted to offer help.
“This man wey I call, him money na N10,000. The N5,000, na him I go come tell my people? Complete that money N20k, so that….”
The motorist cuts in “Oga, I can’t lie for you. Just consider me, please!”
“Me, I don tell you wetin I suppose tell you,” the officer quipped.
The Police officer acted like he will not accept it before he decided he was going to tell him a “secret” to help him. This was when he revealed his plan to short change his colleagues.

Watch the video below.

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