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Panic As Nigerians React To Nationwide Power Outage




A power outage which occurred on Friday night seems to have affected Nigerians nationwide, leading to diverse reactions. Indeed, the power outage sparked panic among Nigerians who wasted no time in venting their emotions.

It all started when Nigerians began to express their thoughts on the way the outage occurred.

Meanwhile, 1st News can report that the outage had the makings of an abnormal seizure. Equally important, it had seemed to affect many locations nationwide all at the same time. This led inquisitive Nigerians to take to social media to verify the development.

The majority had taken to micro-blogging site Twitter to tweet on the development. This led to confirmation of the outage from residents in various parts of the country. Upon realization that the power outage seemed to be a nationwide black-out; the reactions began to pour in.

As a matter of fact, Nigerians have begun to express their thoughts on the seeming shutdown of the national grid. Also, the reactions have ranged from the funny to the religious and the absurd.

Here are some reactions gathered by TGM:




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