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WARNING!!! WhatsApp To Shut Services For Select Android Phones, Iphones




WhatsApp has issued a notification that it is ending support for smartphones which run on older OS of Android and iOS.

The instant messaging app has made the decision as making modifications could affect the functionality of the device. WhatsApp has mentioned the phones and operating system on it FAQ page wherein WhatsApp will no longer work post February 2020.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has added that users will not be able to have new accounts or even re-verify their existing accounts if they are using older operating systems.

The company also added that as they are no longer actively developing these operating systems, some features might even stop working at any time.

The popular instant messaging app has revealed that all Android devices running Android 2.3.7 operating system as well as iPhones running iOS 7 will not be supporting WhatsApp beginning February 01, 2020. The Mark Zuckerberg-led company has added that WhatsApp has not been made available on the Microsoft Store post July 01, 2019 and users will not be able to use all Windows Phone operating systems post December 31, 2019.

However, it is safe to say that only those WhatsApp users will be affected who are using old Android phones and iPhones or their operating systems.

As per WhatsApp, additionally, the Facebook-owned chatting app will no longer work on devices which run on iOS 8 or its lower versions.

Nonetheless, users will still be able to use WhatsApp on iOS 8 , however, they will not be able to reverify the account or if they reinstall the app. It must be noted that the compatibility of the Apple’s iOS 8 will be completely removed post February 01, 2020. Users must visit the Apple Support website in order to learn how to update their iPhone’s OS.

In the last few years, the popular app has been developing new features for its platforms and as technology evolves, some features definitely need latest phones and new versions of Android and iOS in order to function at the best of their ability. For instance, playing videos inside the chat window, fingerprint authentication, status and stories require RAM and what not. It is not surprising that WhatsApp is almost pushing its users to switch to newer and faster versions.

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