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RUNSEWE: “Stop Sharing Toilets With #Bobrisky To Prevent Infections”



Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, Director-General of the National Council for Arts and Culture, sent a warning message to women against Bobrisky.

Information Nigeria recalls Runsewe had described the controversial male cross-dresser as a national disgrace, adding that he will be ruthlessly dealt with if caught on the streets.

In an interview with newsmen in Abuja, the NCAC boss has now cautioned women to avoid sharing a public toilet with Bobrisky to avoid getting health infections.

“Bobrisky is a serious health hazard for Nigeria and Nigerians. The health hazard Bobrisky has is worse than Ebola Virus Disease; travelers and tourists should be careful wherever they notice the presence of Bobrisky, mostly as it affects the sharing of public facilities.

“Women are prone to get various types of disease from the toilet than s*xual intercourse. Now, Bobrisky will enter the same toilet with a woman and in the end, the woman will contract some kind of disease.

“When she gets home and sleeps with her husband and the husband discovers he has been infected, the next thing is to seek for divorce without knowing the actual cause of how the wife was infected.”

“In the first place, Bobrisky’s passport shows that he is a man. Why should he turn himself to a woman and use women’s toilets? At the end of the day, innocent Nigerian women who go to the same toilet will now be infected with what they did not bargain for.

“If Bobrisky is even using men’s toilet, we can understand. As I speak, we got a report of how a woman was very upset with the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria because on this day she saw Bobrisky using a female toilet in Abuja Airport.

“Well, for me, we have done our little bit; we have left everything for the medical practitioners,” he added

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