What #Bobrisky Said Police Shutdown His 28th Birthday Party In Lekki

Controversial cross-dresser lailasnews.com/tag/Bobrisky has finally reacted to the shut down of his birthday venue celebration earlier today by officers of the Nigeria Police Force.

Taking to SnapChat, the Lagos socialite wrote that they can’t break him as he is harder than the rock.

Earlier in the day, some police officers were spotted at the venue of Bobrisky’s birthday celebration and were reported to have arrested some people at the venue, after the celebrant was alleged to have escaped from the scene before they arrived.

Reacting to disruptions of activities at the venue, Nigerians blasted the government for misplacing their priority:

See reactions:

*** I live in a “country” where the “police” let men who rape 2 year olds pay four figures and walk out the same day, but Bobrisky (a trans woman who legally isn’t even breaking any laws) gets ambushed and arrested on her birthday. That’s my reality. What’s yours?
*** Why do we love to chase rats when a building is burning? How exactly does Bobrisky‘s birthday party affect the security of the state that one hundred police officers were deployed to shut it down. One hundred! Waste of taxpayers money in my opinion. Focus on real issues.
Dr. Jo Abah also reacted:
I have often said that we are one of the most discriminatory nations on earth. Today alone, it was the arrest of 123 “Okada riders from the north”, the people dismissing traditional medicine practitioners, and now we are deploying 100 police officers because of Bobrisky.
*** Nigeria is so finished. Deployed a whole 50 men to shut down Bobriskys party. For them to convict and arrest rapist it’s too much work but it’s Bobrisky they are chasing. Sigh. Nonsense everyday.
*** Whatever issues she has, I absolutely love Bobrisky. She is a mirror in your hypocritical Nigerian faces, ably appropriating your filthy hustle, successfully. Unapologetically. Boldly. She is your fear embodied. Your contradiction personified. Wild and free. You hate to see it.

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