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“Men I Work With Bully Me Daily At Ikeja” – Female Keke Driver




A woman who drives a commercial tricycle popularly known as Keke Napep in Ikeja area of Lagos state complained that she always gets bullied daily by other men she works with.

A twitter user shared the story of a woman who drives Keke Napep in Ikeja she met and witnessed being bullied by the men who were in the business with her at the park.

Woman driving Keke says men she works with bully her daily at Ikeja

Non-So shared;

I entered a keke today to ikeja. It was driven by a woman. Men bullied her wen it was her turn to load passengers. I entered hers when they forced me to enter theirs. I assisted her in calling passenger ls to enter. Wen we loaded she told me that’s how they terrorize her everyday
When next someone asks you why women dont engage in meager jobs where the law or literacy cant protect them to an extent, show them this
Men make working with them so difficult. If they don’t harass you, they bully you.

Another user also shared his experience after he met an elderly woman also driving a Keke Napep. He wrote;

Same here Fam… I was so humbled seeing this really elderly woman doing a man’s duty, I couldn’t help but help her hustle by calling out for passengers too even tho small shame later catch me later Sha when people no enter 😥 hated myself 4 stopping tho but decided to take a pic

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