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ATTENTION!!! See 7 Wig Types For Every Fashionable Lady




Wigs are believed to have its root in ancient Egypt. Back then, Egyptians were said to shave off their hair to alleviate the extreme heat or to get rid of lice, so wigs were worn as a shield to protect scalps from burning, no thanks to the scorching sun.

A lot of higher-ups in the hair world attribute the return of wig mania to Beyonce. Speaking to Vogue UK, professional wig stylist, Shay Ashual said: “She (Queen Bey) made it OK to wear wigs openly, and created a demand for lace-front wigs.”

Wigs over the years have proven themselves as beautifully versatile additions to any fashionable lady’s everyday approach to fashion.

As a fashionable lady, when we talk about some of the best fashion items you should own, the list would be incomplete without the mention of wigs. In fact, a good collection of wigs are literally the best thing that can happen to any fashionable lady.

With wigs now taking over the hair space, you don’t have to worry about sitting for long hours in the process of getting your hair done, because wigs just make living life as a woman fun and stress-free.

Wigs have been embraced more by Nigerian women, young and old because they are simple, easy to wear or remove, maintain and also super comfortable.

Below are some chic wig inspiration for every fashionable lady, check out the pictures below:

1. Bob Wig:

Source: Instagram

Bob wigs help you achieve a beautiful hairstyle with a classic haircut that will never go out of style. It comes in different colours, lengths, and textures, sometimes with the pre-plucked hairline, bleached knots, and extra elastic band, and of course always looks natural looking when worn.

2. Curly wig:

Source: Wholesalesnaija

This is your ultimate wig to change your look as it helps you make a great fashion statement. Curly wigs help to jazz up your style as they create the fun and voluminous look of natural curls. These most sought after wigs come in beach waves, loose waves, tight curls and more.

3. Cornrow wig:

Source: Afrizar

Cornrow braids represent the oldest traditional African hairstyle. It is believed that it is the closest to the scalp, and does well in adding a spark to your overall style and appearance. Cornrow wigs are low maintenance wigs which can be made according to your preferred colour, style, length and with an option to either have the tips in braids or twist.

4. Straight wig:

Source: Allure

This is definitely your classic and versatile wig of all time. Because it comes without any kind of styling, this gives you the liberty to style however you want! You can decide to curl it, get a layered cut, or cut it to a bob after prolonged use. Trust me, straight wigs are bae.

5. Braided wig:

Source: Yaoota

Errm… I don’t think there is any household without a braided wig (literally) because of its blend of convenience and beauty. It has since become a trend amongst Nigerian women, both young and old, home and abroad. Braided wigs are unique because of their appearance and can be finished up using either lace closures or frontals which makes it look like you actually braided your hair. It comes in different colours with wig makers getting more innovative with this wig type.

6. Afro Wig:

Source: Instagram

This wig type is basically the most convenient wig to wear. Afro wigs come in a variety of colours, lengths, and fibres, therefore, making it easy for you to find a curly wig that’s perfect for you. It is equally a low maintenance wig.

7. Pixie cut wig:

Source: Instagram

Trust me when I say that pixie hairstyles are the real deal! They come with a modern flattering cut for an edgy, sophisticated appearance. It comes in handy for any fashionable lady looking for a fun or chic short style wig to rock. It comes in a wide selection of colours, sometimes as sleek bob and surely suits all age range as it is known to ooze some youthful energy into your look.



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