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Watch The Moment #Tacha And Seyi Loved Up, Hugging Each other Alone In The Room – #BBNaija




BBNaija housemates Tacha and Seyi may actually be getting closer by the day. The two can be seen hugging each other while other housemates engaged in activities outside the room.

BBNaija: Tacha and Seyi loved up, hugging eachother alone in the room (Video)

BBNaija 2019 housemates Seyi and Tacha were in the room alone and they were hugging each other before they were brought back to reality by a knock on the door. The two immediately left each other then realized they shouldn’t have and continued hugging.

Sir Dee peeped, noticed this and stepped out only for Tacha to try getting him to come back into the room.

Seyi walked out of the room after he said,

“it was about to get more than a hug”?

Watch the video below.

**** Tacha fans watch out… Seyi is only gumming her because he new she has plenty vote and fan.

*****Because of seyi I begin to realize the good side of tacha… loving this 2 big time #BBNaija SEYI AND TACHA are the real pepper in that house believe it or not 😁

****Some women like their men intelligent and tough, and u wonder why Tacha is attracted to Seyi and also friends Sir Dee,. I had a classmate like that back in my lasu days, the girl no sabi book but she dated the smart guy in the class

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