Home Celebrity PASSAGE OF HONOUR!!! Rapper Eedris Abdulkareem Loses His Mom, Aged 96

PASSAGE OF HONOUR!!! Rapper Eedris Abdulkareem Loses His Mom, Aged 96 [PHOTO]

PASSAGE OF HONOUR!!! Rapper Eedris Abdulkareem Loses His Mom, Aged 96 [PHOTO]

Veteran Nigerian rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem has lost his mom.

Eedris Abdulkareem ‘s mom aged, 96 has died. The rapper took to his social media handle to share the sad news while he pays a tribute to her.

He wrote;

“One of the most indelible marks of attachment and bond between me and my mother happened while I was very young!
We had a neighbour in whose house we used to watch television, which was a rare sight those days in my neighbourhood!
One fateful day, the owners of the house chastised me in strong words, telling me to go home and tell my father to buy a television set: I ran home feeling humiliated and abused. After a while, I ask my mother about my father whom I didn’t know, my mum burst out crying in The course of explaining this to me. I felt that I have caused my mother some untold pains and involuntarily joined her in crying!”
My mother, confidante, role model and prayer warrior, Alhaja Safurat Ajoke Ajenifuja has joined the saints.
A virtuous, prayerful, compassionate and caring Mother, a mother of all Seasons and a mother of all is gone.
Alhaja transitioned into glory on Friday, July 12, 2019 at exactly 10:35 pm, aged 96.
An Abeokuta, Ogun State born and bred Amazon who teamed with the legendary Fumnilayo Anikulapo Kuti in the struggles and sexiest tax regimes of the day that necessitated the abdication of the Egba Throne by the then Oba Adewole the 2nd in 1949, Alhaja was a collosus in the areas of human rights activism and the fight for the betterment of the society!
A philanthropist of no mean repute who spent most of her life in the ancient city of Kano where she became a caring Mother to so many indigent children!
My mother who vehemently refused to be cowed by the vagaries and vicissitudes of life, having lost eight (8) out of her ten (10) biological sons, trudged on despite all in order to make me the man I am today.
She taught humility without foolishness, truthfulness without fear or favour, charitable and communal living devoid of aloofness and self adulation, unfettered love of All human kind irrespective of religious, tribal and political leanings.
My mother was a woman amongst women! She was my Pathfinder, strength and solace in the times of trouble.
When it became difficult at a point for me to continue my education, Alhaja resorted to selling pepper soup so as to aid my education; I started Soaring early enough be