Home News “How Ubi Franklin Helped Me In Time Of Need” – Mc Galaxy

“How Ubi Franklin Helped Me In Time Of Need” – Mc Galaxy

"How Ubi Franklin Helped Me In Time Of Need" - Mc Galaxy

Nigerian musician Mc Galaxy shares his experience of how record label boss Ubi Franklin helped him seven years ago when he could not afford to pay his house rent. According to him, Ubi Franklin not only gave him 100,000 naira, but also gave him cloths as well. He said:

This life is funny, seven years ago I needed help to pay house the total I needed was 350k. So I asked a lot people for help, and no one could help me, so one of those days I went to Ubi Franklin house that I needed help with rent and he gave me 100k and cloths and I was able to hustle money to add and pay my rent, because at the time 100k then meant a lot to me it was 10 million Naira to me, so every time I had a new song to drop I will go to him and play for him “ I go Calabar” to “Sekem” etc. So I know I cannot pay him back for the favors and values but this is a token of appreciation to say thank you for everything