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WICKEDNESS!!! Little Girl Of 5-Year Gets Raped By A 45-Year-Old Man.




@MarleneDejumo  a twitter user exposed the case of a 45-Year-old man (Name not published yet) was said to have raped a 5 years old girl somewhere in Ajah, Lagos.

In her Twitter thread on Wednesday, August 8, 2018, she expressed her pain on why an adult male would decide to physically violate a minor.

The lady also says that the child molester is allegedly trying to buy his way out of it & in her tweet, she made it known that the little girl is been attended to medically but the criminal who perpetrated such evil is in custody.

“The girl has been taken to the hospital — which was comforting, but not refreshing” she said.

The case is allegedly been taken up by authorities

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