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ALAS!!! Man Buried Alive In Cross River




Angry villagers at Liokom area of Wanihem community in Cross River State buried a man alive with his brother’s corpse because he beheaded him.

According to reports, the two brothers, identified simply as Ojemba (younger one) and Obok, had no quarrel before the the younger one decided to behead the elder brother with a sharp machete while eating.

The incident happened at Liokom village in the Wanihem community, Yala Local Government Area of Cross River State, on Wednesday, May 29.

Obok came back from a wake service yesterday (Wednesday) morning and his wife gave him some food to eat before going to the farm to stake his yams

“But while eating, Ojemba took the machete, which Obok had sharpened to cut yam stakes, and dealt three cuts on his brother from the behind and severed his head.”

Obok’s wife raised the alarm and the villagers gathered and tried to arrest Ojemba.

It was learnt that Ojemba escaped to his room, where he threatened to behead anyone who came close to him.

According to Eyewitness, he went inside his room, daring anyone to come close. But three young men defied the threat, went to his room and dragged him out,” the eyewitness added.

The source said the villagers had some discussions and concluded that the incident was an abomination and insisted that Ojemba too must die with his brother.

The source added, “They tied his arms and legs and dumped him inside the grave they dug for his brother and placed his brother’s body on him and covered the grave with earth.

“He was begging and shouting that they should have mercy on him, but nobody listened. This happened a few weeks after their mother died.”

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