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“I Love You All” – Davido Tells His Baby Mamas As He Celebrates Them on Mother’s Day




Singer Davido has taken to social media to praise his baby mamas, Amanda and Sophie Momodu, in celebration of this year’s Mother’s Day.

The singer’s first baby mama is Sophie Momodu who gave birth to his first child Imade. Amanda is his second and is based in Atlanta. She gave birth to his second named Hailey who few days ago celebrated her second birthday.

Recently, Amanda shared pictures from her graduation from a US college where she bagged a BSc degree.

According to her, the journey wasn’t easy as many tried discouraging her about furthering her education because she had a baby for Davido.

She however pushed on because the same baby they tried to use to discourage her served as the motivation that saw her through.

She wrote:

Beautiful. Black. Educated May 8th 2019 will be a day that i will forever remember, i officially graduated college with my bachelors degree in political science. It has been a long journey, i took a few breaks, people doubted me, or they thought because you have a kid you will not finish school. Little did they know that my kid gave me a source of motivation to be the best woman i can ever be, I have to pave the way and set the example for my daughter and my siblings. I am not where i want to be yet, but I’m sure not where i used to be! This is only the beginning…there is always light at the end of the tunnel, keep faith Everything God does in our lives is well done. Period
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