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WIFE CRIES OUT: “My Pregnant Customer Paid With My Husband’s Card




A Nigerian woman identified as Mabel Agbenyo on Facebook has divulged the story of her friend, whom she claimed her cheating husband was busted after a pregnant customer paid with his card at her shop.

According to the story narrated by the lady, the pregnant customer walked into her shop and bought baby items worth N164,000 only for her to come up with her husband’s card to make payment.

The customer in their conversation, mentioned that the man is her fiance and they will be getting married after she gives birth to her baby.

That awkward moment when a customer after buying over 164k worth of baby clothes wants to pay with card and you bring out your POS and finds out the card is your husband’s card…..
Her husband has not come home since yesterday and she has not called him to ask how far. She asked the customer and she said that’s her fiancé’s card and they will get married after she delivers which is in 3 months … let me wait for the end of the gist this evening.
Post Edit: This happened in Garki marketyesterday and it happened to someone I know.

She then later gave an update:

Okay so I just got back from the place of gist. Husband man is still not home and now he has switched off his phone, wife has reported to her siblings and the general consensus is that the pregnant girlfriend must have known about her and purposely came to the shop and paid with the card because she could have as well withdrawn money from the ATM inside the market but choose to pay with card.
Secondly she was quick to divulge information and talk about fiancé and marriage in 3 months…
I will keep you all posted as it unfolds.
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