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Reno Omokri Calls Buhari #InferiorityComplexPresident [REASON]


Again, Reno Omokri picks on Presidential Mohammadu Buhari by calling his name’s.

As PMB codemns the Sri Lanka killings, Reno said Mr president would have done better by condemning the killings of British tourist who was killed in Kaduna hours before the urgly incedent in Sri Lankan.

According to Reno PMB said nothing on Kaduna killings but was quick to condemn the Sri Lanka killings in less than an hour

He tweeted:

A British tourist was killed in Kaduna yesterday. Our inferiority complexed President said NOTHING. But he was quick to condemn the Sri Lankan killings in less than an hour. @MBuhari should be an ambassador, not President. Nigeria is NOT his priority #InferiorityComplexPresident