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SAD!!! Family Lost Five (5) Members In Ethiopian Boeing 7Airlines Crash


A Kenyan man, Joseph Keranja, has narrated how his family lost five members in the crashed Ethiopian Airlines. He lost his wife, a daughter and three grandchildren in the unfortunate incident.

According to Joseph, his wife and the children were traveling back to Kenya for Easter holiday after being away in Canada on a visit to their daughter.

He recalled that his daughter emessaged him express excitement at returning home for holiday but had an unexplained fear within her.

”I communicated to them two hours before the flight. My daughter sent me a message. It was like she was expecting something. She said she was excited but she had fear in her and she did not know why. I did not know what message she was conveying to me. I lost three grandsons, a daughter and my wife,” he said.

His daughter Carol Keranja sent a WhatsApp message.

My heart isn’t really excited. I feel like there’s something bad ahead, but I don’t know what”

Joseph further stated that though the pain he feels is so intense, he’s unable to question God at the moment.

“I am not even able to tell you what kind of a wife she was. She was not only a wife, she was a friend to the entire family, a mentor and a very supportive person. She has helped me a lot and the only gift I could give to her was to go and visit our daughter for three months because I had never taken her out.””I don’t know what will happen or who I will question. People say it is God’s will, one day I will go and see God and he will have to explain to me why he took the family like, but now I have nothing to say,’ ‘ he added.

The Ethiopian Airlines plane which was enroute Nairobi crashed on Sunday killing all 157 passengers onboard. 32 Kenyans and two notable Nigerians we’re among the dead.