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UNFPA YC!!! Apply For 2019 Volunteering Job In C’River, A’Ibom, Abia, Benue, Imo & Ebonyi


The United Nation Population Fund, UNFPA is looking for young volunteers between the ages of 16-24 years as members of the UNFPA Youth Cohort (YC).

According to the UNFPA, Members of the YC will be young women and men between the ages of 16 to 24 years residing in the following states (Akwa Ibom, Benue, Cross River, Ebonyi, Imo, Abia) – and be able to speak to the priorities of young people they represent.

Being a member of the YC requires a time commitment, approximately between 2 to 3 hours a month or more, depending on ongoing projects and activities.

1- The members will share their point of view regarding different issues and to support the development of new partnerships and projects in the communities related to the priorities of adolescent and youth as relevant to the mandate of UNFPA.

2- They may also be called upon to participate in events at local, national or international levels. Members of the YC will maintain communication with UNFPA’s Sub Offices and affiliated Mentoring Hubs Non Governmental organizations (stationed in their respective states), UNFPA Country office, State Programme Officers, and with other fellow members of the Youth programme.

3- Being a member of the YC means that members must want, and be able, to dedicate the necessary effort and commitment required for the Cohort to operate successfully. YC members will not receive a salary or allowances from UNFPA.


Members of the YC liaise with the UNFPA State Programme Officer in identifying the concerns of youth in their communities and providing recommendations about how to address them. They would also work with the mentoring Hubs (Non-governmental organizations) based in their respective states in conducting selected Youth activities in the state.

The YC would also receive support from state Programme Officers in his/her consultations with implementing partners of UNFPA-supported programmes in developing local initiatives and activities. Each member of the YC will serve for a period of up to two years, renewable once and/or discontinued at the discretion of UNFPA and in discussion with the YC member. It is hoped that on completion of the specified duration as an YC member, the individual is opportune Youth Cohort to transit to becoming a member of the Africa Youth and Adolescent Network (AfriYAN) or Youth Advisor Panel (YAP) if so desired. UNFPA reserves the right to end a membership before the conclusion of the specified term.


The members of the YC have three main functions, in line with UNFPA’s mandate: liaison, advisory and participatory.

I- Liaising between their peers, as appropriate, and UNFPA, especially with regard to the development of common youth initiatives and partnerships;

II- Advocating and informing local youth about UNFPA’s mandates, initiatives and activities and feeding back the viewpoints of their peers to UNFPA;

III- Identifying sources of, and facilitating access to, information and expertise regarding youth engagement with UNFPA from the perspective of the State they represent; and,

IV- Keeping UNFPA informed of activities that are relevant to programmes and activities of UNFPA and other members of the Youth Cohort.


I. Providing inputs in the development and implementation of UNFPA programmes and associated work planning processes and documents;

II. Recommending approaches for communication with and outreach to youth, as well as for the development of issues and theme/event-specific strategies;

III. Studying and discussing issues on the agenda prior to participation in UNFPA-sponsored forums or meetings;

IV. Recommending programme activities and initiatives for youth engagement at UNFPA; and,

V. Providing advice to States on UNFPA programming mandate areas as relevant to the young people.

1. Participating in the UNFPA programmes at State level or other activities organized by UNFPA, as required;

  1. Participating, when requested, in relevant local events; and,

  2. Reporting to the UNFPA based on the timeframe outlined by UNFPA.


A YC member will be a young woman or man who is:

i- Between 15 and 24 years old; In or out of school and could be affiliated with a civil society organization;

ii- A Nigerian citizen and indigene/resident of the afore listed States;

iii- Knowledgeable and/or have experience in UNFPA-related mandate areas and demonstrates interest in and knowledge of their State and of the local and/or youth community;

iv- Able to express views effectively in both oral and written communication forms (At least Basic English and/or local language);

v- Willing to advocate for the inclusion of youth priorities in UNFPA-sponsored programmes and activities at the National, in the State and the local and/or youth community;

vi- Committed to promote the diversity of expressions and heritage of the multiplicity of cultures, ethnicities and identities of youth in Nigeria;

vii- Is or was a member of a group, an association or organization working on youth and/or UNFPA-related mandates; and,

viii- Willing to commit time to the activities of the YC (between 2 to 3 hours per month, or more, depending on projects and activities).


Application will be required:

  1. Submit a short essay title “Ensure Choices for all” between 200 to 300 words stating : – Tell us why you want to become a member of YC and what you are passionate about as a young person and what you would do to ensure that the reproductive health rights and development needs of young people in your community are addressed by UNFPA; and,

  2. A letter of recommendation from someone who can support your qualification based on the criteria for membership. The letter should include a contact number and email. Applications should be submitted with a short résumé (CV) and a cover page indicating your full name, address, email address and phone number(s).

NOTE: Applications must be received on or before February 14th, 2019.

Applications should be sent via email to Jacque Karungi, jkarungi@unfpa.org, cc araoyinbo@unfpa.org.

You can also send a hard copy of the application.
Address applications to:

UNFPA Cross River Sub Office Plot 203 bible way, State Housing Estate Calabar, Cross River State