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HEARTBREAKING!!! Emiliano Sala’s Dog Pictured Waiting For His Return


Emiliano Sala” dog is said to be waiting for the return of his master who been missing since a plane he boarded went missing from English radar.

Emiliano Sala was traveling from Nantes to Cardiff to join his new club. He was been flown by pilot David Ibbotson.

The wreckage of the plane believed to have crashed has now been found. Reports yesterday states that a body has also been found near the wreckage site.

The Piper Malibu plane that the two were aboard was found on the seabed off Guernsey.

Oceanographer and marine scientist David Mearns, who has been leading the charge in finding the missing plane, said that it took “a couple of hours” before they found the wreckage on the seabed.

“We are informing them every step of the way what’s going on and they are making it clear to us what their priorities are at all times,” he added (via the Daily Mail).

“There’s a much greater chance they will get answers if [the plane is] recovered.
“I haven’t spoken to them verbally, but they were devastated the last time we were here and frankly the news is worse today.

“Now their worst fears are confirmed, so I would imagine they would be just as devastated — it’s going to take a long time for them to come to terms with the loss.”