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Malaysia Stripped Off 2019 World Paralympic Event [REASONS]


Malaysia has been stripped off the hosting of the 2019 World Para Swimming Championships by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). The Muslim-majority country was stripped after it  barred Israel from the competition.

Malaysia’s Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah said at a press conference:

“Even if we have already committed to hosting an event, they will not be allowed [into the country].”

He added:

 “[Malaysia would] not host any event that has representation from or participation of Israel.”

The decision against Malaysia was made at a meeting of IPC’s governing board in London. A statement from the meeting concerning Malaysia says the country…

“failed to provide the necessary guarantees that Israeli para swimmers could participate, free from discrimination and safely in the championships.”

The spokesman of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Emmanuel Nahshon tweeted:

“is a victory of values over hatred and bigotry, a strong statement in favor of freedom and equality. Thank you @Paralympics for your brave decision!!!”