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ONLINE APPLICATION: Tech4her Africa Launches The GirlsSlayCode Program To Train Over 5 Million Girls


In partnership with American Corner, Google, Microsoft, CCHUB, IBM, MEST Africa and Inspiriasoft, Tech4her Africa launches the GirlsSlayCode (GSC) Program. This is initiative is aimed at training more than 5 million girls in Nigeria, Ghana, Kigali and South Africa on languages like Python, Java and C++ and how to develop with them.

The course is targeted at people willing to gain advanced knowledge in these languages; it aims to boost their grasp of technology tools and also, foster economic prosperity.

Courses Available:

– GSC101A: Introduction to Programming + Software Development Fundamentals

– GSC102A: IBM’s Machine learning Course

– GSC103A: Full HTML5+CSS3 Course (Build & Host A LIVE HTML website using Microsoft Azure)

– GSC104A: Full Python Course

– GSC105A: Full Javascript Course

– GSC106A: WordPress Course + LIVE Hosting

Exceptional graduatesfrom the GCS academy will be attached to one of Tech4her’s startup projects. Generally, graduates from the course will also have access to internships and employment opportunities with Microsoft, Google and will be invited to the Code Coffee event where Alumnis of the market will meet, network and fraternize with recruiters and investors.

This edition of the GirlsSlayCode Program holds in Nigeria and is open to anyone applying from any of the states.

Venue: American Corner, Lagos

Date: February 14th & 15th, 2019.

Venue: American Corner, Ibadan

Date: February 21st & 22nd, 2019.

Application Process:

Registration closes on the 30th of January. Tuition is free, registration is 5,000 naira and Certifications are issued at a cost.

If you are interested, click here to get started.