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SHOCKING!!! Unfaithful Wife’s Lips Get Stuck To Lover’s Lips [VIDEO]


A cringe-worthy video circulating on social media has got our tummies churning.

In the video, we see a married woman and her lover stuck at the lip whilst her husband mocks them.

Unlike the regular situation where we see an adulterous couple stuck together after sex, this woman’s husband is not ready to have her infidelity stretch that far.

If only this woman had known how possessive her husband is, i doubt she would have even looked at another man. Hope she has learnt her lesson albeit the hard way.


Recall that An upcoming Ugandan Singer, identified as “San Yo” got stuck while he was copulating with a married woman in Ugandan.

According to reports from Ugandan blogs, the lovers who were in for a fun round of sexual intercourse in one local lodge, were shocked when their copulation turned out to be a tragedy, as they failed to detach after they were finished with their business.

The panic caused them to ask for help and they carried out of the room in a sheet, loaded on a truck and taken to find help for local witch doctors.

The woman turned out to be a wife to faded musician Abdu Mulaasi who appeared at the scene immediately but didn’t look surprised at the occurrence.

The two were then separated much to their embarrassment. The technique of causing a penis to get stuck inside a woman is said to be witchcraft for catching cheating spouses.

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