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“There Is No Power In The Word Of God”, Man Claims As He Burns ‘The Bible’


A Nigerian man has taken to social media to Claim the Bible is powerless as he was spotted burning one.

The man who says he’s an atheist decided to show his disbelief in Christianity by burning the bible just to prove to people that there is no power in The word of God.

He also said that one week now after he burnt the Holy book, nothing has happened to him and his bank account balance keeps getting fatter.

Nigerians have revealed their displeasure with the shameless act, with many lambasting him for the move.

Below is what he shared online;

“Before now they will tell me there’s power in the bible, after I burnt my bible they are now telling me my days are numbered as if they are going to live forever. Christians are one set of confused people confusing themselves the more with each passing day.

I’m still waiting for the power in the bible to manifest itself. One week now and counting. My bank balance just keeps getting fatter.