WORLDS PRETTIEST MAN: Show Your Identity, Prove Your Gender

WORLDS PRETTIEST MAN: Show Your Identity, Prove Your Gender

A 22-year-old man in Malaysia has become a social media sensation thanks to his feminine facial features.

Abdussalam Firdaus’ appearance often makes it hard for people to tell whether he’s a man or a woman, Oddity Central reports.

In fact, he had to produce his ID at a soccer match recently to prove to security guards that he wasn’t a woman, learned.

In an interview, Firdaus described the hilarious moment:

“The police didn’t believe me when I told them that I’m a man. So they asked me to show my identity card”.

“I had to prove my gender as the male police need to do body checks on the male fans for safety reasons while the female police checked on the female fans”

The young lad even had to cut his hair short a few years ago in a bid to look more masculine. However, this didn’t do the trick and people kept calling him a “tomboy.”

One Twitter user advised Abdussalam to grow a mustache or a beard to make his gender obvious, but the 22-year-old replied that he had tried to do just that, but his thin mustache made him look like a human “catfish”.

Aziz’s photos have received thousands of likes and comments on multiple social networks and many are calling him the “world’s prettiest man”. And to think his overnight fame came completely by accident.


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