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SHEHU SHAGARI: Atiku, Ben Bruce, Deji Adeyanju, Others Bash Buhari For Truncating Democracy

Atiku, Ben Bruce, Deji Adeyanju, Others Bash Buhari Over Shehu Shagari's Death

Deji Adeyanju, Atiku Abubakar, Ben Bruce and other notable Nigerians took to their Twitter handle to accuse President Buhari for been the cause of decline in progress of Nigeria after 1983 military coup that toppled Second Republic President, Alhaji Shehu Shagari from office after 93 days.

They said if PMB has not truncated the democracy in 1983, the nation would have been in a better state.

Moments after the grandson of the former president Bello Shagari announced his death on his twitter handle, the bashing started to troop in.

Reacting to the coup and death of shehu shagari, Deji Adeyanju said:

He was democratically elected twice. He was overthrown by a dictator, 35yrs ago, 31st December 1983. His 2nd term was truncated by an Enemy of democracy and a Tyrant precisely 93days after oath of office. He died at 93years old. RIP H.E Alhaji Shehu Shagari.
Today, a Dictator and Enemy of Democracy, is enjoying the dividends of democracy he truncated 35yrs ago. Today, Buhari’s govt is enmeshed in monumental corruption than the one he overthrown. Today, Buhari would want to hypocritically eulogize the man he overthrown.
The flag should be flown half mast in honor of H.E Alh. Shehu Shagari. But a man that overthrown him might decide otherwise.

The presidential candidate of PDP, Atiku Abubakar also makes a note

After his untimely overthrow from office, he continued to devote his time and effort to nation building through the elder statesmanly role he played, including during my time in office as Vice President. He will be greatly missed. May Almighty Allah grant him Aljannah Firdaus.

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce also join in the bashing

I met President Shehu Shagari at Dr Alex Ekwueme’s home. He was very soft spoken and humble. Nigeria would have gone far if he had not been overthrown. A great leader. He brought the Igbos back to prominence after the civil war by making one of them VP. May his soul rest in peace

Edward israel Ayide mourns and said ” The man who overthrew your government is still tormenting us”

The hight of them all was a tweet from THankGod Ukachukwu who believes the 1983 coup by buhari was the beginning of decline in the 80’s to 1993

BREAKING: Shehu Shagari is dead. Aged 93. RIP. Ex-President Shehu Shagari was toppled in the coup of 1983 which produced Buhari as head of state. That was the beginning of 16 years of Nigeria’s decline in the 80s to 1999 when PDP restored democracy!