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Ghana Weaving Of N5000 Is Better Than N250,000 Weave-On – CSP Dolapo Badmus


Once Again, Lagos Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Dolapo Badmus, has taken to her Instagram page to advise young ladies that setting priorities for mundane things does not worth it. 

She made this submission trying to discourage young ladies from worshipping material thing. She added that young ladies need not pursue material thing but must be contented with little they have. She also warn that ladies should be careful of Yahoo Boys because they can kill anybody for money

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Warning To Young Ladies OutThere! Why Do You Need To Fix Weave On Of #250,000 When You Can’t Afford It AsYou Can Easily Do Ghana Weaving Or Plait Shade Adu With #5000 Or Enjoy LowCut!Why Are You Running Helter Skelter To Buy Gucci Bag, Louis Vuitton E.T.C. When You Can’t Afford It?! Why Must You Set Priority For Material Things WhenAll You Need To Prioritize Is Your Personal Achievement And Advancement! TooMany Young Ladies Are Running After These So Called “Yahoo Boys” To Gain AndAchieve Material Things! The Danger Now Is That The Internet Fraud Seems NotProfitable Again For “Yahoo Boys”, Their “Get Rich Quick Syndrome” HasPropelled Them Towards Ritual Killings. Reports Indicate That Yahoo Boys NowKill And Use Their Girlfriends Even Their Mothers To Perfect Their RitualDealings …..Girls Are Hereby Advised To Avoid Yahoo Boys Like Plague AndMothers With Yahoo Children Are Advise To Fight These Menace To A Standstill AsSome Mothers Are Now Becoming Victims Of Ritual Killings From Their Yahoo Children!Girls Be Wise, Don’t Enjoy Momentary Wealth That You Will Later Be Used ToService It’s Continuity And Sustenance. Be Guided. Check @OpetodolapoofficialTo See The Story Of A Suspected 25year Old Boy That Paid #250,000 To HerbalistTo Use Human Head Produce Charm That Will Make Him Become Billionaire Overnight(Stupidity Of The Highest Order #250000 That You Can Invest To Yield Profit,Our Younger Ones Really Need To Be Guided)… Anyway, Five Of Them Are In PoliceCustody Under Investigation…. Younger Ones Seriously Needs To Be Guided!

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Warning to young ladies out there! Why do you need to fix weave on of #250,000 when you can’t afford it as you can easily do Ghana weaving or plait Shade Adu with #5000 or enjoy low cut!why are you running helter skelter to buy Gucci bag, Louis Vuitton e.t.c when you can’t afford it?! Why must you set priority for material things when all you need to prioritize is your personal achievement and advancement! Too many young ladies are running after these so called “yahoo boys” to gain and achieve material things! The danger now is that the internet fraud seems not profitable again for “yahoo boys”, their “get rich quick syndrome” has propelled them towards ritual killings. Reports indicate that yahoo boys now kill and use their girlfriends even their mothers to perfect their ritual dealings …..Girls are hereby advised to avoid yahoo boys like plague and mothers with yahoo children are advise to fight these menace to a standstill as some mothers are now becoming victims of ritual killings from their yahoo children! Girls be wise, don’t enjoy momentary wealth that you will later be used to service it’s continuity and sustenance. Be guided. Check @opetodolapoofficial to see the story of a suspected 25year old boy that paid #250,000 to herbalist to use human head produce charm that will make him become billionaire overnight (stupidity of the highest order #250000 that you can invest to yield profit, our younger ones really need to be guided)… Anyway, Five of them are in police custody under investigation…. younger ones seriously needs to be guided!

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